An employee may elect to enroll in or continue health coverage upon retirement. Employees eligible for retirement must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for enrollment in the CalPERS Health Benefit Program as a retiree:

  • Retire within 120 days from the date of separation from employment.
  • Receive a monthly retirement allowance.
  • Be eligible for health enrollment on the date of separation.
  • Must have retired from the State, California State University (CSU), or an agency that currently contracts with CalPERS for health benefits for their specific bargaining unit.


An enrolled member’s health benefits will continue into retirement if their separation date from employment and retirement date are within 30 days of each other:

  • If the member’s separation date and retirement date are more than 30 days from each other, the member will need to request to enroll into retiree health benefits within 60 days of the retirement date.

  • If the member’s separation date and retirement date are more than 120 days from each other, the member will not be eligible for health benefits into retirement.

If the member does not want health benefits to continue into retirement, the member has the option to cancel their coverage by:

  • Submitting a Health Benefits Plan Enrollment form to the employer (if still active)
  • Declining CalPERS health coverage on either CalPERS Service Retirement Election Application or on CalPERS Disability Retirement Election Application
  • Writing or calling CalPERS to request to cancel health coverage (if retired)

An eligible retiree may elect health coverage:

  • At the time of separation for retirement
  • Any time after retirement with a qualifying life event
  • During a future Open Enrollment period.

Making Changes

Dental & Vision

Open Enrollment for State of California- and California State University (CSU)-sponsored dental and vision plans ended October 13.

View Dental & Vision Benefits for more information and details on how to make changes to your dental and vision plan outside of Open Enrollment.