It's important to ensure your agency's information in our files is current. Contact us if your agency changes its physical location or mailing address. If your agency officially changes its name, please notify us by providing a copy of the Board Minutes or Board Resolution containing the old name, new name, and effective date of the name change. Mail the agency name change information to:

Financial Office
Pension Contracts & Prefunding Programs Division
P.O. Box 942703
Sacramento, CA 94229-2703

Mergers & Reorganization

If your agency (or one or more functions of your agency) transfers to a new or existing CalPERS agency, then retirement and health benefits of active and retired members may be affected. Contact us if you agency has or will undergo a merger or reorganization.

Inactive Employees

If your agency no longer has active employees or if a member category of your agency becomes inactive, notify CalPERS.

Although there may be no active employees, your agency is responsible for sufficient funding to continue paying the retirement and death benefits to CalPERS members or beneficiaries of members already retired. Your agency is also responsible for the funding for future benefits payable to members or beneficiaries of members electing to leave their contributions on deposit with CalPERS.

Terminating Your Contract


A contracting agency may elect to terminate its participation from the Public Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act (PEMHCA) by resolution adopted by the majority vote of its governing Board. This resolution must be filed with CalPERS no later than 60 days after the Board announces the health premium rates for the following year. Once filed, the election to terminate is irrevocable and termination is effective at the end of the current contract year. Agencies can't become subject to PEMHCA again within five years of termination.

If your agency wishes to terminate its health contract, email the Health Resolutions and Compliance Unit.


You may terminate your agency's contract only when it has been in effect for at least five years. The contract termination mandatorily applies to all groups covered in the contract. Your agency's election to terminate is irrevocable after filing the final resolution and you can't participate in the program for three years after the termination date.

If you terminate your contract:

  • Any excess employer funds as of the termination effective date are refunded to the agency.
  • Benefits are frozen and calculations are based on the benefit level in effect on the date of contract termination. However, your agency can enter into an agreement to ensure the final compensation used in the benefits calculation is based on a higher pay rate if the member later works for another CalPERS employer or reciprocal system.
  • CalPERS members credited with service from your agency who are not employed by another CalPERS employer may elect to withdraw their contributions or leave them on deposit, regardless of the amount of service credit. Members who withdraw their contributions will not be entitled to any future benefits and may not ever redeposit those contributions based on their employment with your agency.
  • Your agency is responsible for sufficient funding to continue paying the retirement and death benefits paid and for future benefits payable to CalPERS members or beneficiaries electing to leave their funds on deposit with CalPERS.

A contracting agency can elect to participate in the CalPERS health benefits program as a "special district." Terminating your CalPERS retirement contract may also terminate eligibility for participation under PEMHCA.

Contact us if you're considering terminating your CalPERS retirement contract.



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