Working After Retirement

Returning to Work?

Get the information you need before working after retirement.

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  • After you retire, if you would like to return to permanent, part- or full-time employment for a CalPERS employer, you must apply for Reinstatement From Retirement.
  • CalPERS retirees can also work as a retired annuitant for a CalPERS employer without reinstating from retirement; but, there are restrictions. CalPERS disability retirees cannot be employed in the same position from which they retired or in a position which includes duties or activities they were restricted from performing at the time of disability retirement. Read Employment After Retirement (PUB 33) (PDF) for important details.
  • CalPERS retirees can work for a private industry employer (not associated with an CalPERS employer), and/or for an employer in another public pension system without reinstating from retirement. There are no restrictions on this type of employment.
  • If you work for a CalPERS employer in violation of the employment after retirement restrictions, CalPERS is required by law to terminate your retirement and collect the retirement allowance you received during the period of unlawful employment.