Kaiser offers self-care apps, health classes and programs, fitness and exercise deals, plus wellness coaching for members. Visit Kaiser Health and Wellness for more information.

View the Kaiser Permanente CalPERS member portal for a full list of all the health benefits available to you.

A one-stop shop for finding a wide variety of wellness programs and services for Kaiser Permanente members, including health guides, online and facility-based classes, health assessments, tips and calculators, podcasts and videos, and much more. Start by taking the Total Health Assessment.

Our health calculators are powerful, easy-to-use tools that are designed to help members live better lives. Members can use our virtual toolkit to find out if they are at a healthy weight, if they are getting enough calcium, and to calculate their due date if they are pregnant, among other things.

Kaiser Permanente offers healthy resources online as well as classes at our medical centers to help members prevent and manage diabetes. We’ve partnered with Omada Health to bring our members a Diabetes Prevention Program recognized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Omada is a leading digital health program that provides tools and support for losing weight and reducing risk factors for type 2 diabetes—from the convenience of home. Participants get a professional health coach, a wireless scale linked to their account, peer support, and other resources to assist in making health a habit.

Omada is offered at no cost to eligible members. Eligible participants include dependent members over 18 years old who meet the requirements to participate in the diabetes prevention program, and who have:

  • A body mass index (BMI) of 25 or greater (For self-identified Asians, the BMI threshold is 23 or greater)
  • A hemoglobin A1c test with a value between 57 and 64 percent, or a fasting plasma glucose of 110–125 mg/dL, or a 2-hour post-glucose challenge of 140–199 mg/dL (oral glucose tolerance test)
  • Self-reported previous diagnosis of gestational diabetes
  • No previous diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes

Your mind and body are connected. You deserve care that supports your total health — mind, body, and spirit. As a Kaiser Permanente member, you have access to a broad range of mental health and addiction care options. But even if you feel ready to seek out mental health support, it can be difficult to know where to start. You can talk about your concerns with anyone on your care team at any time, and they’ll connect you to the support you need.

Visit Get Care to explore your care options.

Kaiser Permanente offers world-class digital self-care apps, Calm, myStrength and Ginger at no cost to our members to support their mental health and emotional well-being.

  • Calm is a leading app focused on mindfulness, meditation, and improving sleep and can help our members develop self-care skills
  • myStrength is a digital behavioral health app that offers our members a personalized interactive program to help improve awareness and change behaviors
  • Ginger is an app for sleep and meditation — designed to help lower stress, anxiety, and more

Members don’t need to choose between the apps. Members can access Calm, myStrength, and Ginger and use the apps as much as they want. To gain no-cost access to these apps, Kaiser Permanente members must start by clicking the unique registrations links found on Self-Care Apps.

Kaiser Wellness Resources includes over 20 podcasts for you to stream healthy lifestyle audio programs directly to your computer or smartphones. Members can also download the podcasts, which include:

  • Conditions & diseases
  • Live healthy
  • Emotional wellness

Kaiser Permanente is partnering with ClassPass, a popular fitness membership program, to offer no-cost and discounted access to virtual and in-person fitness and exercise classes through multiple gyms and studios across the country. ClassPass partners with 40,000 gyms and studios around the world, offering a range of classes including yoga, dance, cardio, boxing, Pilates, boot camp, and more.

With this ClassPass offer, Kaiser Permanente members can get:

  • Unlimited on-demand video workouts at no cost
  • Reduced rates on in-person fitness classes

Visit Kaiser Fitness Deals for more.

Kaiser Permanente offers many health classes and support groups at its facilities. Offerings vary at each location, and some may require a small fee.

Visit Classes or Clases (En Español) to see all classes available near you.

Kaiser Permanente members can talk one-on-one with health professionals who will help members create — and stick with — a plan for reaching their goals. Personal health professionals can coach members as they get active, eat healthier, quit smoking, or manage their weight. Call (866) 862-4295 for an appointment or visit Wellness Coaching.

Get 25% off contracted provider's standard fees when you make an appointment through the ChooseHealthy™ program. You don’t need a referral from your doctor, and you can see a participating provider as many times as you want. Available specialty health services include: acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage therapy. You also get access to online wellness information, activity tracking and other tools, and a health and wellness library — at no additional cost.

To enroll, visit American Specialty Health’s ChooseHealthy site for Kaiser Permanente members. Select Find a Provider to connect with a participating acu/chiro/massage therapist near you or call (877) 335-2746.

Kaiser Permanente members can get reduced rates on a variety of fitness, health, and wellness products through the ChooseHealthy program. This includes:

  • Activity trackers — Save on activity trackers from brands such as Fitbit, Garmin, and more
  • Workout apparel — Save on clothing and accessories from brands like Skechers, 2XU, PRO Compression, and more
  • Exercise equipment — Save on equipment from brands such as TRX, Gaiam, BOSU, and more

The ChooseHealthy program is currently not available to Medicaid members.