CalPERS Vision & Mission

Vision - A respected partner, providing a sustainable retirement system and health care program for those who serve California

Mission - Deliver retirement and health care benefits to members and their beneficiaries

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is a blueprint that will guide us to meet the investment, retirement, and health benefit needs of our members and their families. Read more about our strategic goals and objectives in the plans listed below.

Business Plan

The Business Plan describes the initiatives we will implement to reach our strategic goals and objectives.

Workforce Strategic Plan

The 2014 Workforce Strategic Plan (PDF) serves as a roadmap for addressing organizational workforce needs.

Core Values


  • Consider, understand, and manage risk
  • Proactively explore policy and product opportunities to better serve our customers
  • Seek to “do it right” the first time
  • Strive to exceed customers’ needs and expectations through competence, innovation, and teamwork


  • Are courteous, responsive, and professional
  • Stay present in the moment and actively listens to understand others
  • Treat every person with kindness and humility
  • Value and recognize every individual for their unique skills, talents, and contributions


  • Find solutions that contribute to desired results
  • Give and seeks clear expectations
  • Make sound decisions from experience, good judgment, and collaboration
  • Take ownership of, and responsibility for, actions, risks, and results, and use outcomes as learning opportunities


  • Act in all endeavors with an ethical, honest mindset and in a professional manner
  • Are truthful in all actions and communications
  • Honor commitments, keep promises, and build trust


  • Approaches every situation with good intentions
  • Are receptive to new and diverse ideas
  • Encourage a trusting environment by being genuine and transparent in actions and communications
  • Listen, cooperate, and share across the organization


  • Embrace opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Maintain focus on long-term goals while meeting short-term needs
  • Support a healthy personal and professional balance
  • Support an environment that is optimistic and enjoyable in which relationships can prosper across our organization and communities

Guiding Principles

We perform our daily functions under the following Guiding Principles:

  • Attracting, developing, and retaining a competent, creative, and highly motivated workforce
  • Delivering retirement, health, and other benefits and services in an equal, accurate, courteous, professional, and prompt manner
  • Designing and administering the highest quality, secure, and innovative programs
  • Ensuring that all benefits are appropriately funded
  • Maintaining public trust by being an ethical, sensitive, effective, and cost-efficient organization in service to employers and employees alike
  • Obtaining the highest return on our investment portfolio to survive, prosper, and grow in a safe and prudent manner
  • Providing meaningful information and education to all System constituents in a timely manner
  • Sustaining our role as a respected leader in the public pension and benefits industry