Our executive staff are committed to administering the direction set by the CalPERS Board and are responsible for day-to-day operations.

Photo of Anne Stausboll

Anne Stausboll

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Cheryl Eason

Cheryl Eason

Deputy Executive Officer,
Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Ted Eliopoulos

Ted Eliopoulos

Chief Investment Officer

Photo of Douglas Hoffner

Douglas Hoffner

Deputy Executive Officer,
Operations and Technology

Photo of Matthew G. Jacobs

Matthew G. Jacobs

General Counsel

Photo of Donna Lum

Donna Lum

Deputy Executive Officer,
Customer Services and Support

Photo of Doug McKeever

Doug McKeever

Deputy Executive Officer,
Benefits Programs Policy and Planning

Photo of Alan W. Milligan

Alan W. Milligan

Chief Actuary

Photo of Brad Pacheco

Brad W. Pacheco

Deputy Executive Officer,
Communications & Stakeholder Relations