At CalPERS we're committed to people — the people we serve, those who work here, and the larger community around us. As the nation's largest public pension fund and an organization with global impact, fostering an inclusive culture that welcomes diversity of thought, experience, and background is vital to what we do.

Di · ver · si · ty
The inherent and acquired qualities that make us unique as individuals.

In · clu · sion
A practice to maintain a positive environment where all individuals feel recognized and valued.


Because we've learned that diversity within an inclusive environment not only enhances the quality of the work we do and the value of services we provide to our members, but it also improves our financial bottom line.

Diversity also helps us fulfill the promise made to our members that the pension they earned will be there when they retire.  A broad array of studies shows this to be true of corporations guided by diverse boards and executives – that they achieve better investment returns.

Through our corporate governance and sustainable investments programs, we work alongside public companies and external managers to advocate for the added value that diversity and inclusion brings.

Diversity and inclusion continue to be an integral part of our strategic plan goal of recruiting and empowering a broad range of talents to meet our priorities. This includes various enterprise-wide initiatives to increase integration of D&I into all aspect of our operations.

CalPERS Diversity Outreach Program (CDOP)

Our vision is to administer an innovative state-of-the-art diversity and inclusion program that serves as a model for the state of California and all public pension funds.

We're dedicated to creating an environment that provides:

  • Our workforce with equal opportunities for growth and promotion in a discrimination-free environment.
  • Our diverse members with access to the highest quality retirement and health program services.
  • All entities with equal opportunity to participate in our investment programs and enterprise-wide procurement processes.

Employee Resource Groups

CDOP oversees and supports two employee resource groups (ERGs) where team members from across the enterprise actively engage in spreading awareness of D&I and disability topics in the workplace:

CDIG aims to foster an inclusive environment where respect and openness bridge our different ideas, experiences, perspectives, and cultures to enrich the CalPERS workplace. CDIG was recognized by the Association of ERG & Council Honors Award with a Spotlight Award for Best Practices.

CDAC is dedicated to the inclusion and equality of team members with disabilities and ensures our environment is accessible to all, regardless of disability type. CDAC promotes its mission of inclusion by developing and sponsoring employee awareness programs and events.

CDAC advises and assists the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) officer on the development, implementation, and evaluation of EEO programs and activities, which may be mandated, or otherwise provided for, in the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.