CalPERS Legislative District Profile

Assembly District 1

The Honorable Brian Dahle

CalPERS Constituency Profile

Data is current as of June 30, 2018 and only includes Public Employees' Retirement System and Public Employees’ Retirement Fund information unless otherwise noted.


State School Districts and Charter Schools Public Agencies Total
Employers 1 1,313 1,578 2,892
Members 614,203 737,515 607,170 1,958,888

Assembly District 1

Employers, Active Members, and Retired Members*

Individual State Agencies School Districts and Charter Schools Public Agencies Total
Employers 25 141 132 298
Active Members 9,749 8,498 13,059 31,306
Active Members – Average Monthly Salary $5,650 $3,618 $5,030 $4,762
Retired Members 9,632 6,716 12,173 28,521
Retired Members - Average Monthly Benefits $3,468 $1,490 $2,717 $2,584

Health Plan Subscribers and Premiums*

Subscribers Monthly Premiums
Active Members 14,681 $20,403,971
Retired Members 15,102 $11,420,896

California Employers' Retirement Benefit Trust (CERBT)*

Participating Agencies Assets Under Management
Statewide 544 $8,298,720,103
District 1 45 $502,896,316

District-specific data in this section does not include the State of California as a participating agency. The State of California assets are only accounted for in the “Statewide” row.

Economic Impact of CalPERS Retirement Benefit Payments **

CalPERS retirement benefit payments in California are beneficial to the state's economy. The information below is from the Economic Impacts of Benefit Payments.

Gross Regional Product $15,596,299,498
Total Personal Income $20,249,590,000
CalPERS Benefit Payments $591,905,875
Economic Impact $470,750,637
Total Employment 225,416
Jobs Supported by CalPERS Benefits 3,772

**Reference the latest CalPERS Economic Impacts in California report ( for data and methodology details. The report and the data above reflect economic impacts for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016 and include Public Employees’ Retirement System, Legislators’ Retirement System, Judges’ Retirement System, and Judges’ Retirement System II information.

CalPERS Investments Impact

CalPERS investments in California strengthen the state's fiscal structure and tax base. The information below is from the CalPERS for California 2017 report.

Major CalPERS Real Estate Assets *,***

Property Type Location Value
No major real estate holdings found for this district

CalPERS Investments by Asset Class in California ***, ****

Asset Class Total Portfolio (in billions) Dollars Invested in California (in billions) Percentage of Dollars Invested in California
Global Equity $156.2 $14.5 9.3%
Global Fixed Income $62.9 $3.7 5.9%
Private Equity $25.9 $2.2 8.5%
Real Estate $30.5 $9.2 30.2%
Infrastructure $3.8 $0.4 10.0%

*** Reference the CalPERS for California 2017 report ( for data and methodology details. The report and the data above reflect assets as June 30, 2017.

**** The Public Employees’ Retirement System total portfolio value of $323.7 billion on June 30, 2017 also included $44.4 billion primarily in forestland, inflation linked securities, absolute return strategies, cash, and cash-equivalents.



*District-specific data is compiled by ZIP Code. Some ZIP Codes span multiple districts, which may cause slight variances in the data. CalPERS makes every effort to ensure that all other aspects of this database contain the most accurate information possible.