Health vendors can use our secure, online service to submit proposals. Complete the form below and email us if you have any questions or concerns. Information is collected in accordance with our Privacy Notice.


Provide as much detail as possible when completing the Health Vendor Proposal Form. You can't save this form for completion at a later date. We recommend you print a copy and prepare the required information prior to completing the form online.


You'll have the opportunity to review, edit, and print your information prior to submission. Once you've submitted the proposal, you'll also receive a copy via email. Please allow 90 calendar days for review. You'll be notified in writing that your proposal was either:

  • Accepted for additional due diligence by CalPERS staff
  • Declined
  • Referred to one of CalPERS' external partners for further review

No contract will be issued as a result of your submission. CalPERS is able to review only one proposal from each vendor in an 18-month period.

Supporting Documents

Please email us all supporting documentation after submitting this form. Include your full name and business or organization name in the email to assist us in reviewing your proposal. Examples of supporting documents include:

  • Brochures
  • Budget spreadsheets
  • Materials
  • Project schedules
  • Published studies
  • Reports
  • Work plans

Health Vendor Proposal Form

Contact Information




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Briefly describe the opportunity or project proposal. Why is it important? What will it accomplish?

State the strategic level objectives of the proposal, focusing on how the proposal will make a difference to the Health Program. The objectives must be clear, specific, attainable, and measurable.

What are the benefits to business areas, clients, and customers? Why should CalPERS accept your proposal (e.g., enhance customer service for reporting, fulfill business requirements, improve security, reduce costs, comply with policy, etc.)?

Have any studies been done on this proposal? Include reference to pertinent documents that may exist (e.g., briefing note, detailed business case, feasibility report, etc.). Email us the supporting documents, and include your full name and business or organization name in your message.

Does this work have to begin and/or end within certain dates (e.g., calendar, fiscal, or budget year)? What is the anticipated duration of the proposal (e.g., one month, two years, etc.)?

Explain your business model. How are services compensated? For pilot projects, what is your proposed funding source?

Have you had prior contact with CalPERS regarding this proposal? If so, provide the name(s) of person(s) contacted.