Make One-on-One Connections With CalPERS Experts

Making personal connections with our teams has been rated as one of the most meaningful aspects of the Forum. Whether you need to get answers to specific questions or simply want to explore all the resources we have to offer, schedule a personal consultation and visit our exhibits to make the most of your Educational Forum experience.

Need some additional guidance? We’ll have knowledgeable team members on hand in our Concierge area located at the Forum registration desk to help you:

  • Choose exhibits or sessions suited to your needs
  • Locate your consultation appointment
  • Learn about the tools and resources available to members
  • Enroll in post-forum online or instructor-led classes

We’ve curated a list of coordinating sessions, exhibits, and consultations (PDF) to will help you identify which exhibits you can visit to learn more about a session topic or vice versa — which sessions will provide instructional information on a given topic.


The Forum's one-on-one, confidential consultations are the ideal setting to enhance your understanding of doing business with us or resolve outstanding issues.

Looking for more information about the CalPERS Health Program? We’re available to meet with you one-on-one to answer your individual questions. We’ll show you how to join our program, how to contract for optional provisions that can lower your health costs, and share information on how innovations in plan design can contain costs and provide high quality benefits. To sign up for a consultation in advance, email

If you’re one of the more than 820 agencies participating in the CalPERS 457 Plan, meet with our team to get up to speed on your employees’ participation in this low-cost, deferred compensation plan. Your personalized review includes:

  • A statistical overview of your accounts, assets, and contributions
  • Demographic stats of employees’ allocations in different funds/asset classes
  • Fund Performance
  • Roth 457 (after-tax) and loan options

This consultation also helps explain your fiduciary responsibility in administering the plan. To sign up in advance, email Dave Saavedra at or call (916) 795-3908.

An open invitation to all CERBT & CEPPT customers, as well as prospective customers to meet with our team and discuss our prefunding programs. We can review:

  • CERBT and/or CEPPT account performance updates
  • OPEB and pension funding policy goals, trends, and considerations
  • Best practices when administering your CERBT and/or CEPPT account
  • How to establish a CERBT and/or CEPPT account

To schedule a 30-minute consultation in advance, email or call Karen Lookingbill at (916) 795-1387.

Ever wonder what happens if you don’t enroll an employee into CalPERS membership in a timely manner, or how CalPERS knows if someone was not enrolled and should have been? Please visit our consultation room for assistance with specific questions regarding the automated myCalPERS process triggered when an employee is eligible for membership/service credit that was not reported.

To schedule an appointment, sign up in the exhibit hall at the Membership Essentials booth.

Need help with the compliance, regulations, and laws for reporting compensation and contributions? Meet with our team one-on-one to ensure your data is timely, accurate, and compliant. We’ll help you:

  • Resolve employer compliance review issues
  • Determine reportability of compensation
  • Comply with the Public Employees’ Retirement Law (PERL)
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Review MOUs, labor agreements, publicly available pay schedules, and more
  • Mitigate the impacts of inaccurate benefits on your retirees
  • Report annually on out-of-class appointments

To schedule your consultation in advance, email

While you’re at the Forum, schedule time to meet with one of our pension actuaries for a one-on-one, 30-minute consultation. This is your chance to get questions answered in a private session using your June 30, 2021 Valuation Report as a basis for discussion (be sure to bring it with you). We can go over:

  • Contribution requirements for the 2023-24 Fiscal Year
  • How to manage your unfunded liability or stabilize contributions by making discretionary payments
  • Other specific areas of concern

Signup for your 30-minute appointment at the “Meet Your Actuaries” booth in the exhibit hall or in advance by emailing

Our 30-minute virtual consultations are designed to provide you with personalized assistance on how to use myCalPERS and access training resources to process business transactions. We can walk you through:

  • Processing retirement and health enrollments
  • Reporting and adjusting payroll records
  • Reconciling health billing, appointments, and payroll
  • Viewing and paying receivables
  • Maintaining system access
  • Generating reports and using Cognos tools

To schedule an appointment, log in to myCalPERS with your business partner login, select the Education tab, then select Consultations.

Have questions about your pension contract with CalPERS? Let our team help. We’re available to meet with you one-on-one to address your concerns. There are two ways to sign up: by visiting the Answering Questions About CalPERS Pension Contracts booth in the exhibit hall or emailing us in advance at


Whether you're a health benefits officer looking for billing tips and tools or an employer who wants to maximize your user experience with myCalPERS, we have an exhibit to help you with all of your administrative needs. Meet in-person with CalPERS subject matter experts and explore related services with CalPERS partners. No appointments necessary.

Have questions about your valuation reports or contribution requirements for the next fiscal year? Visit us with your report in hand to get the answers you need. You can also ask about unfunded liabilities, additional discretionary payments, or our Pension Outlook and Managing Employer Contribution tools. For more in-depth inquiries, schedule a 30-minute one-on-one appointment with a CalPERS actuary by contacting Korene Woodard at

Have any questions regarding your pension contracts with CalPERS? We have experts available to help you better understand a range of issues including:

  • Collection process
  • Contract amendment process
  • Contract compliance merger process
  • New agency contracting process
  • School and charter school contracting process

Currently offering or considering a 457 deferred compensation plan for your employees’ benefits package? Stop by to get the most up-to-date answers to your questions. We’ll be on hand to help you and your team with:

  • Adding optional provisions such as after-tax Roth 457 and loans
  • Educating your employees on deferred compensation plans
  • myCalPERS payroll deduction and payment processes
  • Plan adoption

CalPERS offers a wide variety of health plans for your employees to choose from. Stop by to learn more about what our plans can do to enhance health and wellness for you and your employees. Plan representatives can show you what’s available in your region, discuss the benefits of plan types including HMO, EPO, and PPO plans and much more.

Exhibiting health plans include:

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Health Net
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • OptumRx (pharmacy benefits)
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Western Health Advantage
  • Sharp

Want to make sure you get employees’ final retirement calculations correct? Stop by to discuss compensation issues with our experts and get general information on what types of compensation should be reported. We’ll be able to answer your questions concerning special compensation, pay rates, and requirements needed for a publicly available pay schedule.

Get hands-on guidance and support to help you fine-tune your disability retirement processes. Our team will walk you through the online resource guide and answer questions on common topics including:

  • Competent medical opinions
  • Differences between workers’ compensation and retirement benefits
  • Employers originated applications
  • Issues relating to disciplinary actions vs. disability retirement
  • Importance of completing retirement documents
  • Filing appeals
  • When to apply

Need help with the compliance, regulations, and laws for reporting compensation and contributions? Ensure your data is timely, accurate, and compliant by meeting with our experts.

We’ll help you learn how to:

  • Mitigate and resolve employer compliance review issues
  • Determine reportability of compensation
  • Comply with the Public Employees’ Retirement Law (PERL)
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Review MOUs, labor agreements, publicly available pay schedules, and more
  • Mitigate impacts on inaccurate benefits for your retirees
  • Accurately report out-of-class appointments

Talk with our educators to find out how the Employer Education Program can assist you in conducting your CalPERS business. We can help you:

  • Strengthen your knowledge of CalPERS laws, policies, and reporting
  • Get personalized assistance with resources such as reference guides, educational class offerings, and schedules
  • Subscribe to the Employer Bulletin to receive important updates

Want high quality health benefits that help attract and retain a productive workforce? Let us show you what the CalPERS Health Program can do for your employees and what we’re doing to contain costs for your agency in the long run. Whether you need coverage for a portion of your agency, the entire agency, or an employee group, we have a health plan to suit your needs. A CalPERS pension contract is not a pre-requisite to participate.

Wondering which resolution is the best fit for your agency? Talk with our health resolution and compliance team to get the clarification you need to make a well-informed decision. They can provide guidance to current business partners considering a change to their employer contribution by reviewing your resolutions on file and answering questions regarding our program.

Our public agency health billing team can also help you get familiar with the billing processes, review recent enhancements, and find answers to your questions regarding:

  • Billing deadlines
  • Consequences of late payment
  • Delinquent payments, underpayments, or overpayments
  • Payment options
  • Reconciling your statement

Have questions about heath business rules? Meet with our team to learn about your responsibilities as a Health Benefits Officer. We’ll help you understand:

  • Eligibility requirements (including parent-child relationship and disabled dependents)
  • Enrollment requirements
  • Direct pay vs. COBRA
  • Health into retirement
  • Medicare coordination

Talk with us to learn more about what your employees can do online through their myCalPERS accounts. We’ll provide hands on support to walk you through the variety of health Cognos reports and how to make health reconciliation, data reporting, and discrepancy resolution easier for your agency. We can also explain the myCalPERS file submission process for enrollment to ensure that your file is submitted error free every time.

Do you handle payroll transactions? We’re available to answer your questions, whether simple or complex. Our experienced team will help you navigate through myCalPERS to resolve issues and make important CalPERS contacts for future payroll-related inquiries.

Are you interested in talking politics or just want to learn how state or federal legislation could impact CalPERS, our members, or participating employers? Stop by with your questions and let our legislative affairs team provide you with their insight on what’s happening in Sacramento and Washington D.C.

Help your agency be a destination employer by expanding your knowledge of member benefits. The earlier your employees understand their earned benefits, the more prepared they’ll be to make informed decisions. Stop by to learn more about:

  • Your myCalPERS accounts
  • Retirement estimates
  • Online and instructor-led classes
  • Applying for service credit
  • Scheduling an appointment with a retirement benefits counselor

We can also provide information about CalPERS Benefits Education Events and other resources to help educate your employees.

Have questions about inquiries for special enrollment verification? We’re here to answer them and can also address reciprocity, PERS/STRS elections, optional membership, PEPRA/Classic formulas, and more.

The Public Employees’ Retirement Law determines membership eligibility for employees of CalPERS contracting agencies. Do you know who should be enrolled in CalPERS membership and who should be excluded? How about whether you can hire independent contractors? We’re here to assist with all questions and issues regarding membership of employees at CalPERS contracting agencies.

Need help with myCalPERS? Our team members are experts at navigating and using the system. Visit our exhibit for guidance with myCalPERS system access, security, usability, employer reports (Cognos), or questions regarding data governance. We can also provide information regarding myCalPERS resources and tools available on our website.

Get answers to your myCalPERS questions. Our educators will provide hands-on demonstrations to help you process business transactions more efficiently. We’ll walk you through new enhancements and show you how to access our online classes and training materials.

Visit us to learn how to:

  • Process retirement and health enrollments
  • Report and adjust payroll records
  • Reconcile health billing, appointments, and payroll
  • View and pay receivables
  • Maintain system access
  • Generate reports and use Cognos tools

We’re here to answer all of your questions regarding working after retirement laws to ensure compliance when hiring retirees, including the Executive Order impacts over the last couple of years due to COVID 19. We also can help review independent contractor contracts to ensure you aren’t crossing over into common law employment. In addition, we’ll be answering questions about limited duration employment after retirement and can help you sign up for a consultation appointment for any and all membership related questions.

Who will handle your employees’ retirement affairs when they are no longer able? Visit our booth to learn why it’s important for your employees to have a CalPERS Special Power of Attorney and Pre-Retirement Lump-Sum Beneficiary Designation on file to protect benefits for themselves and their loved ones. Have these documents ready to go? We’ll be accepting them and can provide a quick review to make sure they’re complete.

Looking for solutions to long-term funding challenges? See how our prefunding programs can help. All Educational Forum attendees are encouraged to visit our team to discuss:

  • Features and benefits of prefunding other post-employment benefits and pension 115 trusts
  • How to establish a California Employees’ Retirement Benefit Trust and/or California Employers’ Pension Prefunding Trust account
  • OPEB and pension funding policy goals, trends, and considerations
  • Best practices for administering your CERBT and/or CEPPT account

Local government agencies: learn how best to work with the State Social Security administrator to secure Section 218 coverage for your employees. We can also help you better understand:

  • Proper withholding and reporting of Social Security and Medicare
  • How the Administrator helps you as a liaison with the Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service
  • Education and outreach resources available to state and political subdivision employers and employees

Have you ever wondered what would be paid out in benefits if one of your employees were to pass away? Visit our booth to learn why it’s important to have Beneficiary Designation and Special Power of Attorney forms on file with CalPERS. You’ll also receive important information about:

  • How to report the death of a member
  • Pre-retirement death benefits
  • Enhancing your death benefit provisions
  • Emergency retirement counseling

Are you able to answer your employees’ questions about retirement benefits? Do you fully understand your role in the retirement process? Get the information you need to be fully prepared on issues regarding:

  • Submitting estimates and retirement applications online
  • Selecting a retirement date
  • Reporting unused sick leave
  • Relationship between final compensation reports and retirement calculations
  • Final compensation limits
  • Post-retirement adjustments
  • Reciprocity
  • The Replacement Benefit Plan (RBP)/IRC 415