Our instructor-led and self-paced online classes support you in all your CalPERS business. Our employer training classes will help you understand the importance of your business-related reporting responsibilities, how to use myCalPERS, and how to avoid late fees and administrative costs.

Log in to your myCalPERS business partner account, then select the Education tab to register. If you don't have myCalPERS access, contact your agency’s system access administrator.

Our educators can visit your agency to provide tailored education and training at no cost. Email your training request to our employer education team.

Instructor-Led Classes

Join our in-person and virtual classes with live instructors. You can learn retirement and health business rules or how to navigate and process transactions in myCalPERS.

Business Rules

Gain a better understanding of the laws and rules associated with your agency’s retirement and/or health contract. Our classes are employer-specific and customized to your employer type: school, public agency, or state.

  • Business Rules (3 hours) — Discover valuable resources to assist you with your CalPERS-related business. Learn about reference guides, retirement contracts, membership, payroll, special compensation, retirement benefits, reporting responsibilities, and the CalPERS website.
  • Advanced Compensation* (1.5 hours) — Expand your compensation reporting knowledge with an in-depth look at the laws and rules associated with compensation reporting. Topics include pay schedule compliance, compensation limits and how to report, reporting scenarios and errors, and language templates for labor agreements.
  • Advanced Membership* (1.5 hours) — Go beyond the basics of membership reporting with an in-depth look at the laws and rules associated with correctly enrolling and reporting your employees’ CalPERS membership. Topics include employment certification, membership qualifications, reciprocal self-certification, independent contractors, and post-retirement employment.
  • Business Rules: Health (2.5 hours) — Understand your responsibilities as a CalPERS health benefits officer. Learn about the health plan options, eligibility and enrollment requirements, health benefits into retirement, health resources on the CalPERS website, health benefits guides, and reporting responsibilities.

*It’s recommended, but not required, you take the Business Rules class as a prerequisite for your agency type.


Learn how to navigate and process transactions in myCalPERS. Attend an in-person class for a hands-on learning experience where you can complete transactions in a training environment. Or attend a virtual class and walk through the scenarios in our student guides with an instructor.

Self-Paced Online Classes

Take our online classes available 24 hours a day. We offer classes to help you understand retirement and health business rules, navigate myCalPERS, and perform transactions.

Business Rules

  • CalPERS 101: More Than Just a Retirement System
  • Retirement Contracts for Public Agencies & Schools
  • Qualifications for California State Universities (CSU)
  • Qualifications for Public Agencies, State Agencies & Schools
  • Requirements for Public Agencies & Schools
  • Working After Retirement
  • The Importance of Accurately Reporting Payroll
  • Special Compensation for Public Agencies & Schools
  • Health Plan Options
  • Health Benefits Officer Roles & Responsibilities
  • Health Eligibility Requirements
  • Health Enrollment
  • Health Benefits Into Retirement
  • Retiree Dental & Vision Coverage (state only)
  • Survivor Health Benefits
  • Contracting Agency Health Billing (public agency & schools only)


  • Navigation
  • Submit an Inquiry
  • Maintain Your Agency’s Address & Communication Information
  • Add & Maintain Business Partner Contacts
  • Change Username, Unlock Account & Reset Password
  • Navigate Your Retirement Contract Benefits
  • Add a Position Title
  • Add a New Appointment
  • Edit Reciprocal Information
  • Enrolling a Retired Annuitant
  • Add Appointment Events
  • Copy Forward an Earned Period Report
  • Maintain Payroll Records
  • Manage Records in a Payroll Report
  • Report a Zero Payroll Record
  • Reporting & Adjusting Special Compensation
  • Reporting Earnings Over the Compensation Limit
  • Request Extension for an Earned Period Report
  • Adjustment Reports
  • View Service & Transaction History
  • Certify a Leave of Absence Service Credit Purchase Request
  • Service Credit Purchase & Arrears
  • New Enrollment
  • Non-CalPERS Enrollment
  • Non-PERS and CalSTRS New Enrollment
  • Change Plan
  • Add a Dependent
  • Delete Dependent
  • COBRA Enrollment for Deleted Dependents
  • COBRA Enrollment for Employees
  • Dental Enrollment Into Retirement
  • Cancellation
  • Rescission
  • Set Up Direct Pay
  • Billing Reconciliation
  • Reconcile State-Active Premiums
  • Add a Payment Account
  • Paying a Receivable
  • Projected Contributions
  • View Billing & Payment Summary & Payment History
  • Reports: Run & Schedule Employer Reports
  • Retirement Appointment Reconciliation: Reconcile by
    • Appointments
    • Earned Period Report
    • Rate Plan Receivables
  • Out-of-Class Reporting