Your Health Plan Statement provides customized health enrollment information.

Provides your health enrollment information as of August 1 of the current year. Any health enrollment changes processed on or after this date are not reflected.

Informs you of specific health benefit changes that may impact you in the upcoming year.

Provides the name of the health plan you’re enrolled in.

Determines which health plans are available to you based on your ZIP code.

Lists you and your enrolled family members.

This notice informs you of your privacy rights regarding the medical information CalPERS has on file about you.

Provides your current year monthly premium.

Provides your following year monthly premium if you don’t change your health plan.

Provides online resources to view the plans and premiums specifically available to you and a list of the CalPERS health plans available the following year.

Shop for your CalPERS health plan online through myCalPERS

Log in to your myCalPERS account to access, view, download, and print your Health Plan Statement.

If you experience difficulties logging in or need to retrieve your username or password, follow the prompts to identify yourself and answer your security questions in the myCalPERS login screen.