The Board's responsibilities include setting employer contribution rates, determining investment asset allocations, providing actuarial valuations, and much more. However, the Board does not have the authority to add, change, or delete benefits without the concurrence of the Legislature.

Photo of Rob Feckner

Rob Feckner

School Member Representative

Photo of Henry Jones

Henry Jones

Vice President, Retired Member

Photo of Michael Bilbrey

Michael Bilbrey

All Member Representative

Photo of John Chiang

John Chiang

Ex Officio Member - State Treasurer

Photo of Richard Costigan

Richard Costigan

Ex Officio Member - State Personnel Board Representative

Photo of Richard Gillihan

Richard Gillihan

Ex Officio Member - California Department of Human Resources

Photo of Dana Hollinger

Dana Hollinger

Governor Appointee, Insurance Industry Representative

Photo of JJ Jelincic

JJ Jelincic

All Member Representative

Photo of Ron Lind

Ron Lind

Appointed Jointly by the Senate Rules Committee and Speaker of the Assembly: Public Representative

Photo of Priya Mathur

Priya Mathur

Public Agency Member Representative

Photo of Bill Slaton

Bill Slaton

Governor Appointee, Local Government Elected Official

Photo of Theresa Taylor

Theresa Taylor

State Member Representative

Photo of Betty Yee

Betty Yee

Ex Officio Member - State Controller

The Board is made up of:

Six Elected Members
  • Two elected by and from all CalPERS members
  • One elected by and from all active state members
  • One elected by and from all active CalPERS school members
  • One elected by and from all active CalPERS public agency members (employed by contracting public agencies)
  • One elected by and from retired members of CalPERS
Three Appointed Members
  • Two appointed by the Governor - an elected official of a local government and an official of a life insurer
  • One public representative appointed jointly by the Speaker of the Assembly and the Senate Rules Committee
Four Ex Officio Members
  • The State Treasurer
  • The State Controller
  • The Director of the California Department of Human Resources
  • A designee of the State Personnel Board

Board Representatives

John Chiang
  • Christina Elliott
  • Eric Lawyer
  • Frank Moore
  • Grant Boyken
  • Najia Rosales
Richard Gillihan
  • Katie Hagen
  • Ralph Cobb
Betty Yee
  • Alan LoFaso
  • Karen Greene-Ross
  • Lynn Paquin