After you retire, you can work as a retired annuitant in a temporary position and continue to receive your retirement benefits. You do not need CalPERS approval. However, the California Public Employees' Pension Reform Act (PEPRA) requires the following provisions:

  • You're limited to working 960 hours or less within a fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).
  • You're not paid any other compensation or benefits in addition to the hourly pay rate.
  • You must wait 180 days after your retirement date before you can return to work for a CalPERS employer.
  • You will not accrue service credit or any additional retirement rights or benefits.
  • Your position must be classified as a temporary retired annuitant position (not a permanent, full-time or part-time position).
  • Your salary is an hourly pay rate that is within the salary schedule for the position.

If your employment does not meet all of the retired annuitant requirements, it could lead to a mandatory reinstatement from retirement. You may be required to reimburse the amount of retirement allowance you received while unlawfully employed.

Independent Contractor, Consultant, Contract Employment, or Third-Party Employers

If you're considering employment with a CalPERS employer as an independent contractor, consultant, contract employee, or employee of a third-party employer; your employment will still be subject to the retired annuitant requirements if the employment requires an employer-employee relationship. Contact us before you begin employment.

Working as a Retired Annuitant

To return to work as a retired annuitant, you must apply for retired annuitant positions directly through the employer. Before accepting employment with any employer, it's your responsibility to:

  • Ask if they contract with CalPERS for retirement benefits.
  • Inform the employer that you're a CalPERS retiree and specify the type of retirement (e.g., service, disability, or industrial disability).