CAPP allows eligible retirees the option to remain enrolled in a CalPERS-sponsored health plan when their retirement allowance isn’t sufficient to cover their full share of the monthly health premium.

  • CAPP is a prepaid program that requires participants to pay their full health premium share 30 days before the coverage month.
  • Payments are deposited into each participant's CAPP account and must be received and processed by the 10th of the month so we can pay the carrier on the CAPP participant's behalf.

If you participated in CAPP prior to 2020, you'll notice a change.

Previously: A retiree’s health premiums were deducted from his or her retirement allowance. CAPP members received no retirement allowance and were invoiced for the portion of the health premiums owed.

Today: CAPP participants receive their retirement allowance with no deductions for current health premiums. We invoice you for the full amount of the retiree share of your health premium. This amount will be the same amount each month for the entire coverage year unless you make a health election enrollment change. You can schedule electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments to be made on the 5th of each month to ensure there are no disruptions in your health coverage.

CAPP Enrollment & Participation

CAPP eligible retirees must meet all the following requirements to enroll and continue participation in the program:

  • Expressly elect into CAPP by either returning the signed and dated election form sent by mail or by logging into your myCalPERS account and electronically electing into CAPP.
  • Pay the total amount by the due date listed on the election form.
  • Check and money orders must be mailed in, or payments can be made online through your myCalPERS account.
    • Depending on the timing of when our system identifies CAPP-eligible retirees, a participant may be invoiced for multiple months on their CAPP election form.
  • Pay subsequent CAPP statements on time and in full.
    • You’ll receive monthly prepay invoices after the initial CAPP election form invoice. For example, a June coverage month premium would be invoiced on May's CAPP statement, due on May 1st, and must be received no later than May 10th.
    • Failure to pay on time will result in the cancellation of your coverage and you won’t be allowed to re-enroll until the next Open Enrollment period.

Opting Out of CAPP

CAPP is an optional program. However, if you don’t elect to enroll and your retirement warrant isn’t sufficient to deduct your health premium, we’re required to cancel your health coverage.

You have a few options if you don’t wish to enroll in the CAPP:

  • Cancel your CalPERS health coverage and seek alternative health coverage.
    • You may be eligible to purchase health insurance through Covered California.
  • Reduce costs, whether health or other non-health deductions.
    • You may be eligible to enroll in a health plan with lower premiums.
    • Consider reducing the number of dependents enrolled in health coverage, which will reduce your share of the monthly health premium due.
    • Consider reducing other non-health retirement allowance deductions, which may also increase your monthly net retirement allowance.

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