View and download high-resolution images of our Board members, executive officers, and Investment Office senior staff, as well as images of our headquarters buildings.

CalPERS Staff Photos

The CalPERS Board of Administration consists of 13 members who are elected, appointed, or hold office ex officio. For biographies, visit the Board Members page.

  • Michael Bilbrey (JPG)
    All Member Representative
  • John Chiang (JPG)
    Ex Officio Member, California State Treasurer
  • Richard Costigan (JPG)
    Ex Officio Member, State Personnel Board Representative
  • Rob Feckner (JPG)
    President, School Member Representative
  • Richard Gillihan (JPG)
    Ex Officio Member, California Department of Human Resources
  • Dana Hollinger (JPG)
    Governor Appointee, Insurance Industry Representative
  • JJ Jelincic (JPG)
    All Member Representative
  • Henry Jones (JPG)
    Vice President, Retired Member Representative
  • Ron Lind (JPG)
    Appointed Jointly by the Senate Rules Committee and Speaker of the Assembly, Public Representative
  • Priya Mathur (JPG)
    Public Agency Member Representative
  • Bill Slaton (JPG)
    Governor Appointee, Local Government Elected Official
  • Theresa Taylor (JPG)
    State Member Representative
  • Betty Yee (JPG)
    Ex Officio Member, California State Controller

Group Photo of All Board Members (JPG)

Our executive staff are committed to administering the direction set by the CalPERS Board and are responsible for day-to-day operations. For biographies, visit the Executive Officers page.

Investment officers are responsible for investment and management of CalPERS assets, programs, and services. For biographies, visit the Investment Office Senior Staff page.

  • Eric Baggesen (JPG)
    Managing Investment Director, Asset Allocation/Risk Management
  • Dan Bienvenue (JPG)
    Managing Investment Director, Global Equity
  • Sarah Corr (No Photo)
    Interim Managing Investment Director, Private Equity
  • Katherine H. Crocker, J.D. (JPG)
    Investment Director, Investment Compliance & Operational Risk
  • Matt Flynn (JPG)
    Investment Director, Investment Servicing
  • Curtis Ishii (JPG)
    Managing Investment Director, Global Fixed Income
  • Michael Krimm (JPG)
    Investment Director, Investment Risk and Performance
  • Paul Mouchakkaa (JPG)
    Managing Investment Director, Real Assets
  • Anne Simpson (JPG)
    Investment Director, Sustainability
  • Clinton L. Stevenson (JPG)
    Investment Director, Investment Manager Engagement Programs
  • Wylie Tollette (JPG)
    Chief Operating Investment Officer
  • Kevin Winter (JPG)
    Managing Investment Director, Opportunistic Strategies

CalPERS Headquarters Photos

CalPERS is located in downtown Sacramento, California. For more information about our headquarters buildings, visit the Lincoln Plaza North and Lincoln Plaza East & West pages.

  • Photo of CalPERS Headquarters in Sacramento
  • Photo of CalPERS Headquarters in Sacramento
  • Photo of CalPERS Headquarters in Sacramento
  • Photo of CalPERS Headquarters in Sacramento
  • Photo of CalPERS Board Auditorium