Are you ready to retire? Discover the impact to your coverage and benefits.


Use the Retirement Estimate Calculator to get an idea of what your monthly benefit might be. You can access the calculator two ways:

  • Log in to my|CalPERS to estimate your retirement benefits using the latest data reported by your employer.
  • Use our online calculator and enter your own data (no log-in is required).

Be sure to check out our Retirement Planning Checklist to see what steps to take starting one year before you retire.

Health Benefits Coverage

  • If you retire within 30 days of your date of separation from employment, your coverage will automatically continue into retirement.
  • If your retirement date is more than 30 days from your separation date, but less than 120 days, you need to contact us for more information on continuing coverage.
  • If your retirement date is more than 120 days from your separation date, you're likely no longer eligible for health coverage.

Long-Term Care

If your monthly premiums were paid as a payroll deduction, contact CalPERS Long-Term Care at (800) 982-1775 to see what payment options are available.

Deferred Compensation Plans

Verify with your employer that they have your correct mailing address. Locate your plan below to identify your next steps.

Plan Action Required
CalPERS 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Contact your employer to elect taking distributions from your account.

CalPERS Supplemental Contributions Plan

Contact us to determine your account distributions.

Savings Plus

Contact the program to see what steps you need to take. CalPERS does not administer the Savings Plus Program.

State Peace Officers' & Firefighters' Supplemental Plan

No action is required on your part. You will automatically be sent a distribution packet within six to eight weeks of your retirement date.