Thank you for your interest in the CalPERS equity brokerage questionnaire. The questionnaire’s purpose is to collect information from CalPERS’ current equity brokers and other firms interested in having a trading relationship with the CalPERS Global Equity internal trading unit. The questionnaire, which is periodically revised, helps us evaluate brokers’ capabilities, including:

  • Trading capabilities across different order types, execution strategies and regions
  • Operational ability to receive, process, and settle trades in a robust and efficient manner
  • Value-added ways that brokers can help CalPERS manage the Global Equity investment portfolio

In years past, the broker questionnaire was available for submission to all brokers on an annual basis. As of December 2023, this questionnaire is now open on a continual basis, all year-round. All brokers, new or existing, are now encouraged to submit their information when they feel either ready to apply for the first time or to update their previously submitted data. This will help CalPERS stay up-to-date and facilitate an open candidate pool.

In addition, beginning June 2023, every three years, CalPERS will require all brokers interested in remaining in the candidate pool to resubmit their information. This will help ensure the information on all brokers in the candidate pool is up-to-date and confirms your continued interest in participating in our broker selection process.

If you’d like to submit an equity broker questionnaire for the open candidate pool, email to request a copy to the link.

For additional reference material, you can access the 2021-2022 fiscal year’s Questionnaire (PDF) and Broker Evaluation FAQs (PDF) for help navigating the questionnaire.

If you have questions or would like to request a copy of your firm’s questionnaire submission, email us at

*The current active US roster is available upon request. Please email us at the inbox above to inquire.