The Public Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act (PEMHCA) and Title 2, section 599.500 et seq. of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) govern the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Health Program. CalPERS is providing this document to assist contracting agencies (community college districts) and labor groups to better understand part-time faculty health eligibility under PEMHCA.


In 1996, California enacted legislation creating the Part-Time Faculty Community College Health Insurance (PTFH) Program (Education Code sections 87860 through 87868) to encourage community college districts to provide health benefits for their part-time faculty members. In September 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom approved Assembly Bill (AB) 190, which increased state support for the PTFH Program from $490,000 to $200 million in ongoing funding. Districts are now eligible to receive 50-100% reimbursement for their part-time faculty healthcare costs.

In September 2023, Senate Bill 142 passed, adding Government (Gov.) Code section 22807.5 to PEMHCA, which allows contracting community college districts to adopt a resolution to deem certain part-time faculty members to be employees eligible for health coverage through the CalPERS Health Program.

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