Program Category Subject New/Enhanced Functionality Impacted
  • CalPERS
  • Retirement Enrollment
Retirement Enrollment Appointment History

Employers can view details of retirement enrollment appointment changes on the Appointment Change Event Details page.

Note: The page will display the value as of date. Any changes to the appointment will be in bold font. To access this information, select the View Event Details link on the Appointment Details and Event page.

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  • CalPERS
  • System Access Administration
Business Partner Log in Process

The business partner log in process has been streamlined and clarifying text has been provided on the login pages. Additional changes include:

  • Users need to update their password every 90 instead of 60 days. Users will be prompted to reset their password 15 days before it expires.
  • New users will need to enter an email address for the Password Recovery Options.
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  • CalPERS
  • Payroll Reporting
Out-of-Class Reporting

New Out-of-Class (OOC) validations have been implemented to:

  • Validate if the reporting period is prior to the membership date and the appointment is still active.
  • Validate the employer CalPERS ID is correct for the employer submitting the file.
  • Validate a business partner relationship is active before allowing an employer to update OOC files on behalf of another employer.
  • Show an error when the rate plan is not found.
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For additional information regarding these enhancements, contact our Customer Contact Center at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).