Program Category Subject New/Enhanced Functionality Impacted
  • CalPERS
  • Retirement Enrollment
Options at Separations Letter

The Options at Separations Letter (myCalPERS 0802) was revised to clarify the member’s separation. The revised section now reads:

“This letter is to inform you that you have been permanently separated from all CalPERS-covered employment. If you feel this is an error, contact your employer immediately. The following information is being provided so you can make an informed decision about your CalPERS membership.”

  • All
  • CalPERS
  • Retirement Enrollment
PERS/STRS Election Enhancements

The following updates were made when certifying a PERS/STRS Retirement System Election (ES 372):

  • The enrollment screens were revised to ask the question “Is a Retirement System Election (ES 372) needed for this enrollment to elect CalPERS or CalSTRS?”
  • Enhanced employer certification to clarify and improve auto-determinations
  • The ability for an employer to view a determination
  • The contributory status of pending elections now allows payroll reporting
  • Determination letters were revised
  • Schools
  • Health
  • Health
MSS Enrollments for Remaining Active Functionality

All active member types (public agencies, schools, state, and non-central state) can now do the following:

  • Newly enroll, add, or remove dependents
  • Change plans
  • Recertify a parent-child relationship
  • Cancel coverage

Note: This includes enrolling or making changes during Open Enrollment.

All documentation will be stored in myCalPERS and electronic notifications will be provided to employers when a change request has been submitted. In addition, electronic notifications will be provided to active members when a transaction has been approved, rejected, or requires additional action.

  • State
  • Public Agencies
  • Schools

For additional information regarding these enhancements, contact our Customer Contact Center at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).