Program Category Subject New/Enhanced Functionality Impacted
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  • Service Credit Purchase
Changes to the Employment Certification for Service Credit Purchase Requests

The following updates have been made to the system when certifying a member’s service credit purchase request:

  • Panel to provide a reason for rejecting the service credit purchase request
  • Withdraw Certification Request button available to the certifying officer who initiated the request (only available when in Requested or In Progress status)
  • Error message when reported service periods are outside the employment period dates
  • Name and phone number of participant requesting the service credit purchase will display to the certifying officer
  • CBU and Class Code fields are required on the myCalPERS – Employment Information page (UID 1634) for State of CA employers (including CSU)
  • Error message when entering a Class Code not eligible for a service credit purchase

Refer to the appropriate myCalPERS Reference Guides. Watch for an upcoming circular letter to be issued soon with more details and additional information.

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  • Payroll Reporting
2022 Compensation Limits

The 2022 Compensation Limits for 401(a)(17) for Classic and PEPRA members, JLRS and SIP have been updated in myCalPERS.

Refer to Circular Letter 200-001-22 for details.

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Lump-Sum Special Compensation Validation

Payroll code CRB00357 has been modified from an exception to an error. If special compensation exceeds the allowable amount, payroll will error, and the following error message will display on the Maintain Payroll Records page:

  • CRB00357 – Special compensation amount exceeds the allowable limit for [Special Compensation Type].

Additionally, myCalPERS will display a red box error if the amount of the reported category and type of special compensation is blank or zero.

Refer to Circular Letter 200-065-21 for details.

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For additional information regarding these enhancements, contact our Customer Contact Center at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).