CalPERS retirement benefits are funded through contributions paid by contracting employers, members, and earnings from CalPERS investments. Employer contribution requirements are determined by periodic actuarial valuations under state law. Actuarial valuations are based on the benefit formulas the agency provides and the employee groups covered. Contribution requirements shown are the employer required contribution only. Figures do not include the member contribution or any cost sharing.

Public Agencies

Use the Public Agency Required Employer Contributions search tool to find an agency's required contributions, or view the List of Public Agency Required Employer Contributions (PDF, 5.56 MB).

More information on public agency contribution requirements, including how they are determined and what they are projected to be, can be found in Public Agency Actuarial Valuation Reports. Reports are provided for each rate plan a contracting employer maintains.


The schools employer pool contribution rate for fiscal year 2023-24 is 26.68%, effective with the first payroll period ending July 2023.

Find more information in Circular Letter 200-021-23.


Below are the state employer contribution rates per member category for fiscal year 2023-24. These rates are effective with the first payroll period ending July 2023.

Member Category Employer Contribution as a Percentage of Compensation

State Miscellaneous


State Industrial


State Safety


State Peace Officer/Firefighter


California Highway Patrol


More information can be found in Circular Letter 200-020-23.