Visit the Electronic Payment Gateway to make one-time electronic payments to CalPERS securely and conveniently without a login.

It allows members and employers with an invoice number to make one-time (non-recurring) payments online. You can use a debit card, credit card, or bank account (ACH payment) to submit your payments instead of mailing a check.

To make a payment online, you’ll need:

  • Invoice number (for employer payments) or last name (for member payments).
  • Your CalPERS ID (applicable to CalPERS members only).

You can use the payment gateway to pay the following:


  • Benefit Overpayment: An overpayment of a benefit adjustment or cancellation, death, reinstatement, and refund adjustment or cancellation.
  • Medicare Overpayment: An overpayment of member Medicare reimbursement.
  • Retroactive Health Premium: An underpayment of the health/dental premium for CalPERS and CalSTRS members that hasn’t been satisfied in full.
  • Prepaid Health Program: Our Complementary Annuitant Premium Program (CAPP) for CalPERS annuitants to pay the remaining share of their monthly health premiums when their retirement warrant can’t cover the amount due.
  • Service credit purchases.


  • Replacement benefit contributions
  • Social Security Administration

Members and employers who make a payment through the Electronic Payment Gateway will see a confirmation of payment at the end of the process. Be sure to confirm your email and payment amount. You can print or email the transactional receipt/confirmation to yourself once your payment transaction is completed.

Make Payments in myCalPERS

Members also have the option to log in and make one-time or recurring payments and view their payment history in myCalPERS. Logging in to myCalPERS allows you to:

  • Make a one-time payment for a specific date and dollar amount.
  • Set up recurring payments (using your bank account). If you use the recurring payment option, your Complementary Annuitant Premium Program (CAPP) payment won't be considered late if paid as billed.
  • View your payment history and status. (Payments can be confirmed/viewed on your Payment Activity page. On the home page select My Account, then Make a Payment and View All Payment Activity.) If you still have questions, please call the CalPERS Customer Contact Center 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).
  • View your statements.

And, if you need to cancel a payment in myCalPERS, you can:

  • Cancel your one-time pending payment (bank account only — not credit card). There are two ways to cancel one-time pending payments:
    1. On the Make a Payment page in the "Pending Payments" table, select View Details to view or cancel your payment.
    2. Or, on the Make a Payment page select View All Payment Activity and you can cancel the bank account payment yourself before 5:00 p.m. PT on the day of the scheduled payment.
  • Cancel your recurring payments. On the Make a Payment page in the “Recurring Payments” table, select View Details to cancel or view your recurring payments.

You can use the myCalPERS to make recurring payments for the following:

  • Medicare overpayments if you already have an agreement (payment plan) setup with CalPERS.
  • Prepaid health premiums.
  • Retroactive health premiums if you already have an agreement (payment plan) setup with CalPERS.
  • Service credit purchases if you already have an agreement (payment plan) setup with CalPERS.

How to make recurring payments in myCalPERS:

  1. Log in to myCalPERS.
  2. Select My Account, then Make a Payment.
  3. Identify the invoice you're making a payment for and select the Make a Payment button for that invoice.
  4. On the next screen select Bank Account as your payment method and select Recurring for your payment schedule.
  5. Next, you can select the pre-calculated amount or choose “other amount” and continue to the following screen to submit your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about electronic payments? View our electronic payment FAQ below to get answers to the most frequently asked questions about making online payments to CalPERS.

  • Contact us before 5:00 pm PT on the day of the scheduled payment and request a cancellation. If you wish to cancel after 5:00 p.m. PT on the scheduled payment date, contact your bank.
  • For credit and debit card payments, please contact your bank to process a reversal.

The following terms used on the online payment gateway and CalPERS invoices and statements are interchangeable.

  • Invoice number is same as Invoice ID or Receivable Number
  • Member ID is the same as CalPERS ID

You should receive a notification from us describing the error we received from the bank when attempting to process your payment. Some common reasons are:

  • Incorrect bank account number or insufficient funds.
  • The payment amount may be over the limited threshold at your bank.
  • You may have multiple bank accounts and paid them out of the wrong bank account.

A new payment can be made after we've processed the returned payment in the system. This usually happens within two business days of receiving the returned payment from the bank. We don't charge any return fee. Contact your financial institution for any possible return fees they may charge.

The statement is issued a certain day each month and doesn't change until the next month when a new statement is issued.

If your electronic payment is from a foreign bank outside the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S., a paper check will need to be mailed instead of the electronic funds transfer (EFT). The territorial jurisdiction of the U.S. includes all 50 states, U.S. territories, U.S. military bases, and U.S. embassies in foreign countries

There is no fee for payment using your bank account as the form of payment; however, if you are using a credit/debit card, there is a fee of 2.35% (currently) that is nonrefundable. This fee is paid directly to the credit card company and not CalPERS. You can avoid paying a fee by using your bank account or continuing to remit your payment by check.

Payments processed before 5:00 pm PT will be posted in two business days. Payments submitted after 5:00 pm PT will be processed the next business day and will be posted in two business days following the processed date.