Take advantage of the my|CalPERS resources below. Check back often for the most current student guide versions. View our Employer Education Schedule (PDF) for upcoming classes in your area.

New users should begin with the Introduction to my|CalPERS for Business Partners (PDF, 1.13 MB) student guide that will provide information on logging in, navigation, system access administration, system and Windows tips, instructions on how to sign up for classes, online assistance, and how to contact CalPERS. Reviewing this resource will prepare you for my|CalPERS system training.

Student Guides
Name Description

my|CalPERS Electronic Funds Transfer (PDF, 1.37 MB)

Set up electronic funds transfer (EFT) accounts and make online payments or pay by check.

my|CalPERS Employer Reports (Cognos) (PDF)

Run reports and use the Cognos tools in my|CalPERS.

my|CalPERS Health Billing Reconciliation (PDF)

Reconcile your agency's monthly health premium statements.

my|CalPERS Health Contract (PDF)

View your agency's CalPERS health contract.

my|CalPERS Health Dependent Eligibility Verification (PDF)

Use the Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV) health event reasons to verify, add, and delete dependents for the DEV process, and view reports.

my|CalPERS Health Enrollment (PDF, 1.85 MB)

View health enrollment details, add and update health transactions, manage non-PERS/STRS appointments, and understand health and dental into retirement.

my|CalPERS Out-of-Class Reporting (PDF)

Report out-of-class appointments and hours worked, view penalties, and maintain labor agreements and salary schedules.

my|CalPERS Payroll Adjustments (PDF, 1.86 MB)

Report retroactive payroll records and make corrections.

my|CalPERS Payroll Reporting (PDF, 1.83 MB)

Use the online data entry method to create an earned period report, add and maintain records, process a report, and reconcile unposted payroll.

my|CalPERS Projected Contributions (PDF, 1.30 MB)

Understand the Projected Contributions process to save your agency money by avoiding late payroll reporting penalties and interest, and inaccurate actuarial calculations.

my|CalPERS Retirement Appointment Reconciliation (PDF, 1.57 MB)

Reconcile your agency's retirement appointments with unposted payroll.

my|CalPERS Retirement Contract (PDF, 2.71 MB)

View your agency's CalPERS retirement contract and annual actuarial valuation report. Included are processes for common retirement contract changes.

my|CalPERS Retirement Enrollment (PDF, 1.37 MB)

Verify membership status, enroll employees into CalPERS membership, and reconcile and maintain appointment statuses.

my|CalPERS System Access Administration (PDF)

View the roles and responsibilities of a my|CalPERS system access administrator (SAA), add and maintain your agency's contacts and system users, and maintain your agency's information.

Name Description

my|CalPERS System Access Administration

View the roles and responsibilities of a my|CalPERS system access administrator (SAA), and add and maintain your agency's contacts and system users.

Supplemental Materials
Name Description

my|CalPERS Business Partner Relationships (PDF)

Submit a request to allow a third-party to conduct CalPERS business on your agency's behalf.

my|CalPERS Cognos Reports Browser Requirements (PDF)

Configure your Internet Explorer web browser and Adobe Reader application to generate Cognos reports.

my|CalPERS Health Aid: Health Event Types and Reasons for Employers (PDF)

Identify which health event type, reason, and dates to use for processing health transactions in my|CalPERS. Each health event reason has a sample scenario and effective date method.

my|CalPERS System Privileges for Business Partner Roles (PDF)

View a list of privileges for each my|CalPERS access role.