If you use the my|CalPERS system, take advantage of the valuable resources below, including student guides, videos, and other supplemental materials. The student guides directly correspond with our my|CalPERS Employer Training Classes and are revised on a regular basis. Check back often for the most current version; revision dates are listed in the headers or footers.

Student Guides
Name Description

Introduction to my|CalPERS for Business Partners (PDF, 1.41 MB)

This resource provides my|CalPERS navigation guidance for new users. It includes information about logging in, system access administration, navigation, tips, online help, and how to contact CalPERS. Reviewing this resource will prepare you for my|CalPERS system training instructor-led classes.

my|CalPERS Contributions Projection (PDF, 1.31 MB)

This guide will assist you with understanding the Contributions Projection process and help your agency save money by avoiding late payroll reporting penalties, late payroll payment interest, and inaccurate actuarial rates.

my|CalPERS Course 103: Retirement Enrollment Basics for Public Agencies, Schools, & Non-Central State Agencies (PDF, 1.74 MB)

This resource assists with my|CalPERS transactional navigation. It's divided into units which contains transactional step actions and helpful illustrations. Contents include: using the Person Search tool; retirement enrollment; reports; and retirement enrollment basics resources.

my|CalPERS Course 104: Payroll Contribution Reporting Basics for Public Agencies, Schools, & Non-Central State Agencies (PDF, 2.62 MB)

Use this guide to learn how to report earned period payroll records. You'll find information on: using the Person Search tool; payroll contribution reporting; reports; and my|CalPERS and payroll resources.

my|CalPERS Course 107: Setting Up EFT Accounts and Making Payments for Public Agencies, Schools, & Non-Central State Agencies (PDF, 1.79 MB)

This document assists with setting up electronic funds transfer (EFT) banking accounts in my|CalPERS and making payments. It's divided into units and scenarios which contain transactional step-actions and helpful illustrations. Topics include: business partner receivables; EFT accounts; making payments on your receivables; managing your payments and banking; accounts; and resources for setting up EFT accounts and making payments.

my|CalPERS Course 204: Submitting Payroll Corrections with Adjustments for Public Agencies, Schools, & Non-Central State Agencies (PDF, 1.73 MB)

This user-friendly guide provides definitions and procedures on how to perform adjustment transactions through my|CalPERS. There are screen shots that correspond with the steps in each procedure. Contents include: payroll adjustment types; reviewing employee posted payroll history; adjustment reports; retroactive salary adjustments; retroactive special compensation adjustments; prior period adjustments; prior period no contribution and no service adjustments; process adjustment reports; and my|CalPERS resources.

my|CalPERS Employer Reports (Cognos) (PDF)

This student guide provides procedures on how to navigate through Cognos and learn its functionality. There are screen shots that correspond with the steps in each procedure. Topics covered include: report descriptions, user roles, status, and browser requirements; my|CalPERS system access; commonly used reports; navigating through Cognos; Cognos tools; managing folders; running and viewing reports; set intervals; future reports; creating password protected PDF versions; multiple formats with password protection and set an interval; CalPERS online resources; and CalPERS contacts.

my|CalPERS Health Billing for Public Agencies, Schools & Non-Central State Agencies (PDF)

This guide is designed to assist with reconciling your agency's monthly health premium statements. It includes how to view your agency billing roster, reconcile your active and retired employee health enrollments, payment information, as well as calculating future reimbursement amounts.

my|CalPERS Health Contract (PDF)

This resource helps you navigate through your agency's CalPERS health contract. Contents include viewing your health contract details, information on amending your health contract, and updating your agency Employer Identification Number.

my|CalPERS Health Dependent Eligibility Verification (PDF)

For state and CSU agencies, this document provides detailed information on the use of the Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV) health event reasons and reports. It also has step-by-step directions on how to use my|CalPERS to verify, add, and delete a dependent for the DEV process.

my|CalPERS Health Enrollment (PDF, 3.32 MB)

This resource contains information on viewing health enrollment details; adding, updating, and rescinding health transactions; updating non-PERS and STRS appointments and health transactions for public agencies and schools; continuing dental into retirement for state agencies; updating a dependent SSN; and more.

my|CalPERS Retirement Appointment Reconciliation (PDF, 1.65 MB)

This guide describes new system enhancements for employers to reconcile their agency's retirement appointments (contributory appointments with missing payroll). This guide will prepare you to more efficiently identify missing payroll records, resolve payroll record discrepancies, and reconcile retirement appointments.

my|CalPERS Retirement Contract (PDF, 2.11 MB)

This resource helps you navigate through your agency's CalPERS retirement contract and annual actuarial valuation. Included are processes on completing common retirement contract changes.

my|CalPERS System Access Administration (PDF, 1.01 MB)

This guide provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a System Access Administrator.

Name Description

my|CalPERS System Access Administration

The my|CalPERS System Access Administrators video demonstrates user account maintenance processes; such as, add a contact and grant system access, reset a password and change a username, update system access and add an additional administrator, lock and unlock a user’s system access, deactivate and reactive a user’s system access, delete system users and how to establish business partner relationships.

Supplemental Materials
Name Description

my|CalPERS Business Partner Relationships (PDF)

This guide provides an overview of how to establish and terminate business partner relationships within my|CalPERS.

my|CalPERS Cognos Reports Browser Requirements (PDF)

This document contains instructions on how to correctly configure your Internet Explorer web browser for generating reports in my|CalPERS and updating your Adobe Reader application to export Cognos reports into PDF version. Topics include: configuring your workstation; adding my|CalPERS to trusted sites; customize trusted sites; setting pop-up blocker; compatibility view for Internet Explorer 10 and 11; and update Adobe Reader to export Cognos reports into PDF version.

my|CalPERS Health Aid: Health Event Types and Reasons for Employers (PDF)

Access health event types, reasons, dates, and effective date methods in this spreadsheet.

my|CalPERS System Privileges for Business Partner Roles (PDF)

This document provides my|CalPERS system access administrators a list of privileges for each business partner role in my|CalPERS. It should be used as a resource when adding new system users or modifying the access roles of existing users. Not all of the roles listed are applicable to every business partner based on agency type.