CalPERS maintains partnerships with key stakeholders including labor groups, employer and retiree associations, and many other groups with a vested interest in CalPERS.

Board Members, executives, and subject matter experts represent CalPERS at the state, national, and global levels. We routinely present to organizations advocating on behalf of our active members, retired members, public agency employers, and business partners. In addition to speaking about a particular CalPERS business area, our presenters can provide expertise and experience relating to:

  • Actuarial sciences
  • Brand engagement for public agencies
  • California pension laws
  • Health benefits administration
  • Public pension investments
  • Public sector leadership
  • Public service retirement
  • Risk management for public agencies
  • Social marketing for public agencies
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Women in leadership

Submit Your Speaker Request

To request a CalPERS speaker, submit your request at least three weeks prior to the date of your event. The sooner we receive your request, the more likely we'll be able to accommodate your specific needs. Please provide the following information in your initial request:

  • Name of organization
  • Brief description of organization
  • Contact information (email and phone number)
  • Type of event (conference, summit, forum, etc.)
  • Event location
  • Event date and time
  • Number and composition of attendees
  • Speaker’s role (sole presenter, part of a panel, etc.)
  • Topics of interest to the audience
  • Length of presentation
  • Description of venue and room set-up (podium, stage, microphones, projector, etc.)
  • Audio/visual expectations (PowerPoint, streaming or recording the event, etc.)
  • Event agenda

Email your request to the Office of Stakeholder Relations.

If you would like to schedule a tour or visit of the CalPERS campus, please submit your request at least 10 working days prior to the date you wish to visit. Your initial request must include the following:

  • Name of group/requester
  • Contact information (email and phone number)
  • Business location
  • Desired visit date and time (please include alternatives)
  • Number in delegation
  • Topics of interest/questions
  • Purpose of visit

Email the Office of Stakeholder Relations to schedule your visit.