Deputy Executive Officer,
Customer Services & Support

Kim Malm was named deputy executive officer for the Customer Services & Support Branch in June, 2023.

She provides executive leadership and counsel to the board and executive team and oversees six divisions within Customer Services & Support. Those divisions provide retirement, survivor, and disability benefits; education and retirement, counseling; responses to phone, in-person, mail, and electronic channels; contractual, enrollment, and payroll reporting assistance to CalPERS employers; and retirement account services for members, including service credit purchase support. She also oversees the eight regional offices that serve members throughout California.

Kim brings to her position more than 35 years of experience in state government with 25 of those years at CalPERS. She’s served in many leadership roles throughout the organization, including her interim role as the deputy executive officer for the Customer Services & Support Branch prior to being named permanently. She’s also served as chief of the Strategic Health Operations Division, chief of the Operations Support Services Division, acting Chief Health Director, and interim chief of the Health Plan Research & Administration Division where she led negotiations for CalPERS health care premiums.

With these vastly different roles, Kim has a broad understanding of CalPERS enterprise operations and priorities. She focuses on communication, customer service, and efficiently delivering benefits to serve our members.

In addition to her CalPERS responsibilities, Kim sits on the CalHR Merit Award Board as well as the California Association of Public Retirement Systems Board where she regularly contributes her insights from decades of experience in public service.