Oversees all matters related to strategy, policy, structure, and actuarial studies and rate setting for pension, health, and long-term care program administration.

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Meeting Agenda for February 20, 2024

View February 20, 2024 Pension and Health Benefits Committee Open Session Meeting Transcript (PDF)

Open Session

10:00 a.m.
Upon adjournment or Recess of the Performance, Compensation and Talent Management Committee – Whichever is later

  1. Item
    1. Call to Order and Roll Call (PDF)
    1. Election of the Pension & Health Benefits Committee Chair and Vice Chair (PDF)
    2. Executive Report (PDF) Don Moulds, Kim Malm
    3. Action Consent ItemsDon Moulds
      1. Approval of the November 14,2023, Pension & Health Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)
      2. Approval of the February 20, 2024, Pension & Health Benefits Committee Meeting Timed Agenda (PDF)
    4. Information Consent ItemsDon Moulds
      1. Annual Calendar Review (PDF)
      2. Draft Agenda for the March 19,2024, Pension & Health Benefits Committee Meeting (PDF)
    5. Information Agenda Items
      1. Health Plan Spotlight: Kaiser Permanente CEO Greg Adams Don Moulds (1:00 pm TIME CERTAIN)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        1. Attachment 2 (PDF)
        1. Attachment 3 (PDF)
      2. Summary of Committee Direction Don Moulds, Kim Malm
      3. Public Comment
    6. Adjournment of Meeting


Feckner Auditorium
Lincoln Plaza North
400 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

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