Help us serve you better by creating your health demographic profile

Why It’s Important

Everyone should have an equal opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. By completing your Health Demographic Profile in myCalPERS, you’re helping us to better understand our members and work towards better health outcomes for all.

We’re committed to ensuring that care is equitable and individualized for all members, regardless of race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation or gender identity. Your response will help our work in identifying disparities, improving health outcomes, and addressing risk factors among our members, and is essential to providing high-quality, member-centered care.

We’ll use the responses to see if health outcomes, medical treatment, or preventive care are different based on a member’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

If we observe differences, then we’ll work with the health plans to close any gaps in care and tailor outreach to specific groups. We’ll also use the data to identify any inequities in the number and types of grievances and appeals as well as their outcomes.

Health equity is giving members the health care they need when they need it and providing care that doesn’t vary in quality because of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, languages spoken, or where you live.

Achieving health equity begins with understanding the diversity of our membership and that comes from collecting demographic information about them. From there, we can start the work to eliminate health disparities among our members and ensure they get the best care for them as individuals.

The information from the health demographic profile will also be used to direct programs, policies, and interventions on behalf of our members.

The Health Demographic Profile provides us with data to better understand disparities that may exist among CalPERS health program members.

As a first step, we’re planning to examine colon cancer screening rates based on members’ race and ethnicity. If we observe differences, we‘ll work with the health plans to provide outreach to specific groups that have a lower screening rate.

We plan to look at colon cancer screening because it’s a leading cause of cancer death, and it’s been researched and documented in medical literature that known disparities exist in colon cancer screening for specific populations.

There are proven strategies to close these gaps. We also plan to identify and examine disparities in breast cancer screening and diabetes care. As more profiles are completed, we’ll work to identify additional health disparities and take actions to eliminate them.

Create Your Profile

Tell us about yourself. Create your Health Demographic Profile in myCalPERS. It shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Health enrolled subscribers and health covered dependents who have eligibility to be a subscriber themselves will be able to complete their profile. Log in to your myCalPERS account and select Go to Health Demographic Profile on the homepage. From there, follow the instructions to update your profile.

Your Information

Your profile is confidential and secure. Your information will not be seen by your employer and will only be used by CalPERS and our health plans for quality improvement purposes. Providing this information is voluntary and will not be used in any way that impacts your health premium or eligibility for health benefits.