January 8, 2016

(The Bee corrected their article on January 8, 2016. The updated article can be viewed through the link below).

From the sensationalized headline to the core content, the January 2 Bee article, "Unused sick time, vacation boosts retirement pay for Sacramento government workers," misleads readers about how lump-sum payments are treated in relation to pension benefits for two CalPERS members mentioned. The article states that lump-sum, "payments provide a big boost to an employee's final-year salary and also increase their retirement benefits," which is simply untrue.

Lump-sum payments were not used in calculating the pension benefits of either Jim Estep, a former city manager with the City of Lincoln, or Edward L. Knapp, the former county counsel with El Dorado County.

It would be helpful if the Bee would clarify this information for their readers, instead of molding fiction that readers then believe as fact.

(This response was submitted to the Sacramento Bee Opinion Editor)

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