April 18, 2014

External Affairs Branch
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Robert Udall Glazier, Deputy Executive Officer
Brad Pacheco, Chief, Office of Public Affairs
Contact: Fred Sater, Information Officer


May 9-10 event at Sacramento Convention Center

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) is hosting benefits education events this spring to inform members about programs and benefits available to them. The first CalPERS Benefits Education Event will take place in Sacramento on Friday, May 9 and Saturday, May 10.

There are nearly 91,000 CalPERS members working for the State of California in Sacramento County and its eight neighboring counties, plus even more members employed by local public agencies and schools in the surrounding region.

Open to all CalPERS members, including public agency, school and State employees, the events are designed for members who want to know about their benefits, what steps they need to take for the next phase of their career and ask questions.

Whether new to CalPERS, in mid-career or retirement is just around the corner, the CalPERS Benefits Education Events will offer members a wealth of information about their retirement and health benefits, supplemental savings plans, college savings, long-term care, and more. Representatives from CalPERS Regional Offices will also be on hand to answer questions.

The events will feature breakout sessions on topics such as Retirement Benefits, Health Benefits and Deferred Compensation, which are all newly designed for both early career members and those approaching retirement. The Deferred Compensation session will be sponsored by the California Department of Human Resources’ Savings Plus Program. Also offered will be a session on Social Security.

For more information and to register, go to the CalPERS Benefits Education Events page. Members are encouraged to preregister for their preferred event date, but registration is not required and walk-ins are welcome.

CalPERS is the largest public pension fund in the U.S., with $288.3 billion in assets. CalPERS administers health and retirement benefits on behalf of 3,089 public school, local agency and state employers. There are nearly 1.7 million members in the CalPERS retirement system and more than 1.3 million in its health plans. For more information about CalPERS, visit www.calpers.ca.gov.