March 6, 2014

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Robert Udall Glazier, Deputy Executive Officer
Brad Pacheco, Chief, Office of Public Affairs
Contact: Amy Morgan, Information Officer

SACRAMENTO, CA - The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) announced today that it is lowering the pension of convicted felon and former City of Vernon official Bruce Malkenhorst, following a court ruling last week that supports the pension fund's belief that it must recover money owed to the system.

CalPERS will reduce Malkenhorst's monthly retirement benefit amount of $45,974.02 to $9,654 in his next payment scheduled for April 1, 2014.

"We intend to recover every penny that he owes CalPERS," said Anne Stausboll, Chief Executive Officer for CalPERS. "Given the extraordinary amounts involved in this case, and the rate at which the potential overpayment has grown and will continue to grow, and recent developments in the law, we have concluded we can no longer continue to pay the higher amount."

On Friday, February 28, the First Appellate District Court in California issued a ruling in the City of Oakland versus the Oakland Police and Fire Pension System indicating that retirement systems must correct overpayments sooner than later.

CalPERS had concluded in a 2012 audit that the pension Malkenhorst has received since his retirement in 2005 was based on unpublished pay rates, overtime and an inflated longevity allowance.

Malkenhorst pleaded guilty in 2011 to misappropriating public funds and using the funds for his own personal expenses.

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