Version 16 is now available.

CalPERS staff and Mosaic Investment Advisors have developed a questionnaire to collect information from CalPERS, current equity brokers, and other firms who are interested in having a trading relationship with the Global Equity Internal Trading Unit. This questionnaire, which is periodically revised, helps us evaluate brokers’ capabilities, including:

  • Individual market presence
  • Operational ability to receive, process, and settle trades in a robust and efficient manner
  • Specialized trading capabilities
  • Value-added ways that brokers can help CalPERS manage the Global Equity investment portfolio, such as various types of research, analytic software, access to new equity offerings, and the ability to commit capital

To request a PDF version, or for questions about the submission process not covered below, email Mosaic Investment Advisors.

The deadline to submit your completed questionnaire is Monday, June 6, 2016.

You may wish to refer to previous responses when you update the questionnaire, so we suggest you file this information in a safe, easily accessible place.

  • If your responses to the questions are too long to fit, email Mosaic Investment Advisors. It may be helpful to prepare and edit these answers in a word processing package like Microsoft Word and then paste them into the questionnaire.
  • The survey doesn't allow for reconnection to an existing questionnaire, so have all of your response data available when you begin the inputting process.
  • Use your entire firm name at the beginning. If you change the name, email Mosaic Investment Advisors so your records can be corrected.
  • When the question asks for a numeric response, use only numbers. Non-numeric characters (e.g., $, decimal points, commas, etc.) won't be accepted and complicate the process.

January 2016
The following brokerage firms will be used to execute U.S. public equity trades for the current period:

  • Barclays Capital
  • BTIG
  • Citigroup
  • Credit Suisse
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Guzman & Co.*
  • Instinet
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Jones & Associates
  • KCG
  • Liquidnet
  • M. Ramsey King*
  • Merril Lynch
  • North South*
  • Penserra*
  • Rosenblatt
  • Stuart Frankel
  • Topeka Capital*
  • Weeden & Co.

*For reporting purposes only, firms voluntarily identified substantial or majority ownership by women and/or minorities in their response to CalPERS Equity Brokerage Questionnaire.