Thank you for your interest in the CalPERS equity brokerage questionnaire. The Fiscal Year 2018-2019 (version 20) questionnaire is now available through July 13, 2018.

CalPERS staff and Mosaic Investment Advisors have worked together to migrate this questionnaire to a new platform, with an updated look and feel, and improved functionality for brokers and staff when evaluating responses.

The questionnaire's purpose is to collect information from CalPERS' current equity brokers and other firms interested in having a trading relationship with the CalPERS Global Equity internal trading unit. The questionnaire, which is periodically revised, helps us evaluate brokers' capabilities, including:

  • Individual market presence
  • Operational ability to receive, process, and settle trades in a robust and efficient manner
  • Specialized trading capabilities
  • Value-added ways that brokers can help CalPERS manage the Global Equity investment portfolio

To request a PDF version, or if you have questions about the submission process not covered below, email us.

Select the link to submit your broker application, and follow these steps:

  1. Sign in if you already have an account, or select "Not a Member" to sign up for an account*.
    *If you're not a member, your application will need to be approved by staff. Once you're approved, sign in to the system with your username (email address) and password.
  2. A randomized security code will be emailed to the email address associated with your account. Enter the code to access the questionnaire.
  3. Once you've logged in, navigate to the "Questionnaire" tab. From the dropdown menu, select V20 – 2018-19 Questionnaire. Responses can be submitted for any open questionnaires. Note that responses submitted prior to V19 can't be accessed. If you'd like a copy of a response submitted prior to V19, contact Mosaic.
  4. Once the current cycle is selected, information can be entered in any order. At the top of the page, you can navigate and follow progress on questions answered via the progress bar. Note that if you submitted information in V19, your answers should auto-populate.
  5. Each time you respond to a question, the answer will be saved immediately. You can change a response as long as you've not submitted your questionnaire. Edits can't be made after submission.
  6. At any time, you can navigate to the end of the questionnaire and use the save/print button to save your current progress or print a copy of the submitted questionnaire for your records.
  7. Additional supplemental information can be attached to your response prior to submission. Note, if you would like to submit more than one document, you will need to compress the files together and upload the ZIP file. The last file uploaded will be the file attached to the response.
  8. All required questions must have been answered in order to submit the questionnaire. Edits can't be made after submission, you'll only be able to review what's been submitted.

If you have questions about this process or about your questionnaire, email us.

Questionnaires previously submitted through the new platform will auto-populate with responses provided the previous cycle. If you'd like a copy of any previously submitted questionnaire, email us.

  • Questionnaires may be edited by multiple users, as long as the company name matches exactly for all users wishing to access the same survey. Edits made to any questionnaire are saved automatically, allowing all users to view the most up to date information in real time.
  • It may be helpful to prepare and edit your answers in a word processing package, like Microsoft Word, and then paste them into the questionnaire.
  • All information entered into the questionnaire will be automatically saved. However, once the questionnaire is submitted, information cannot be changed.
  • Information can be edited up until submission.
  • Use your entire firm name at the beginning. If you change the name, email us so your records can be corrected.
  • When a question asks for a numeric response, use only numbers. Non-numeric characters (e.g., $, decimal points, commas, etc.) won't be accepted.

January 1, 2018

The following brokerage firms will be used to execute U.S. public equity trades for the current period:

  • Barclays Capital
  • BTIG
  • Capital Institutional Services, Inc.*
  • Citigroup
  • Credit Suisse
  • Drexel Hamilton1
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Guzman & Co.*
  • Instinet
  • Jane Street Capital
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Jones & Associates
  • KCG
  • Liquidnet
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Morgan Stanley
  • North South*
  • Penserra*
  • Rosenblatt
  • Stuart Frankel
  • Weeden & Co.

*For reporting purposes only, voluntarily identified as substantially or majority-owned by women and/or minorities in response to the CalPERS Equity Brokerage Questionnaire.

1Voluntarily identified as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise.