CalPERS' Global Equity Program is responsible for CalPERS investments in securities traded in global public equity markets, including in-house management of index-oriented and active strategies, externally managed active strategies, the Multi-Asset Class Partners Program, and active strategies run by emerging managers (Global Equity Emerging Manager Program). Approximately 80 percent of the Global Equity portfolio is managed internally by CalPERS investment staff. Global Equity is the principal asset class providing growth exposure in the strategic asset allocation.

Assets in the Portfolio: U.S. and international public equities, foreign currencies, and derivative exposure

Investment Division: Global Equity

Current Portfolio Size: View CalPERS Investment Fund Values.

Investment Proposals: New external managers are selected through a formal solicitation process. Find more information on Manager Solicitations, Investment Proposal Submission, and other CalPERS Business Opportunities.

Emerging Manager Program: The Global Equity Emerging Manager Program identifies less established firms with access to unique investment insights not found in a traditional asset management firm and cultivates the next generation of external investment management firms. CalPERS investment staff select advisers for the program, and these advisers actively seek emerging manager investment opportunities. Find more information on Emerging & Transition Manager Programs, including a list of current emerging manager advisers. You may also submit an investment proposal to CalPERS staff, and if appropriate, staff will refer you to an emerging manager adviser.


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