Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion Report (2016-17)

A Message From Our CEO

For CalPERS, diversity isn't just a goal; it's a call to action. We understand that to sustain long-term retirement and health security for our members, we must continue to make inclusion and diversity a business imperative. People and their differences make up the foundation of our mission, bringing with them their traditions and experiences that comprise who we are as an organization.

Much like the blending of spices to create a signature flavor, our diversity as an inclusive organization has a "flavor" profile all its own. Our future depends on our ability to develop and blend broad perspectives to form innovative approaches in new and creative ways.

This means we are committed to a culture of inclusion, in which we orient our business practices around positive workplace relationships, recognition, and ongoing opportunities for professional development. When we focus on people, we are best positioned to increase the engagement of our workforce. With a highly engaged workforce, we are best positioned to succeed as an organization and fulfill our mission to provide retirement and health security.

We hope that by documenting our journey over the last year, we can provide some insight for others who are working to implement and improve Diversity & Inclusion in their organizations. We look forward to next year's journey as we strive to be a more diverse and inclusive organization.

Marcie Frost
Chief Executive Officer