Program Category Subject New/Enhanced Functionality Impacted
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  • Payroll Reporting
Payroll Reporting Validations

New payroll reporting validations have been implemented in myCalPERS:

  • Reporting of excess service credit within an earned period
  • Reporting of excess special compensation within an earned period

In the event the above occurs, the following error messages will display:

  • The calculated value of time worked exceeds the maximum limits defined by CalPERS. (CRB00358)
  • Special compensation amount exceeds the allowable limit for [special compensation type]. (CRB00357)

For both new validations, when thresholds are met, records will error and not post until the error is resolved.

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  • Retirement Enrollment
Retirement Enrollment Level Changes

When a retirement enrollment level change occurs for a member, the Notice of Appointment Change (myCalPERS 2394) will be sent to the employer and a copy will be sent to the member. If the employer is a school district, the County Office of Education will also receive a copy of the letter.

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  • CalPERS
  • Retirement Enrollment
National Guard and Optional Membership

Enhancements to the Optional Membership functionality will:

  • Allow enrollment of National Guard Members
  • Display Optional Membership information relevant to the employer for the Optional Membership appointment
  • Populate The “Download Template” link with a window that directs the employer to obtain the election form from the CalPERS website
  • Generate the Request to Employer for Optional Membership Election (myCalPERS 2858) to the employer and a copy to the member
  • Generate the Optional Membership Approval Letter (myCalPERS 2859) to the member and a copy to the employer when the optional membership election is approved
  • Generate the Optional National Guard Membership Approval Letter (myCalPERS 2860) to the member and a copy to the employer once a determination has been made for the election
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  • Service Credit Purchase
New Electronic Notification for Start Deduction Notices

There’s a new notification method for Start Deduction Notices on new purchases. Instead of being mailed, the notices will be uploaded in the Business Partner Document History in myCalPERS. You will receive an email informing you that a new Start Deduction letter is available.

  • Public Agencies
  • Schools

For additional information regarding these enhancements, contact our Customer Contact Center at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).