Program Category Title New/Enhanced Functionality Impacted
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  • JLRS
  • Health
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  • Retirement Enrollment

Nonbinary Gender Option Added to myCalPERS

To comply with Senate Bill 179 signed by Governor Brown on October 15, 2017, the nonbinary gender option has been added to myCalPERS.

  • All interfaces will now accept the value "N" for nonbinary, available for users to select in the gender drop-down menus.
  • All Employers
  • CalPERS
  • Payroll Reporting

Zero Payroll Record Reporting

The payroll reporting functionality will now allow business partners to submit zero payroll records for active members and retired annuitants. This functionality only accepts participant details and the earned period begin and end dates. All other fields should be left null/blank/0.

Users will be able to view zero payroll records by selecting the "Display Payroll Records with Zero Amounts Reported" checkbox on the following pages:

  • Service History by Fiscal Year
  • Transaction History Details to Display
  • All Employers
  • CalPERS
  • Retirement Appointment Reconciliation

Improvements to the Confirmation of Unposted Payroll and Maintaining Retirement Enrollments

The confirmation of unposted payroll periods on the Retirement Appointment Reconciliation pages has been streamlined to reduce steps for users to access individual member appointment and transaction information.

Business Partners can now:

  1. Mass Confirm Unposted Payroll by individual earned periods on the Retirement Appointment Reconciliation page (up to 1,000 records at one time)
  2. View and access on-page links which provide individual member appointment and transaction history information
  3. Apply filters which get stored when navigating between pages for the current session

Refer to the following student guides for more information:

  • All Employers
  • Health
  • Employer Reports (Cognos)

Changes to Parent-Child Relationship Dependents with Expiring Certification Cognos Report

This Cognos report has been updated for improved functionality and accuracy in determining notification dates of impacted employees. Additionally, the report is now available on-demand through myCalPERS.

  • All Employers
  • Health
  • Health

Streamline External Online Health Enrollment Process

The enhancements below were made to make the process and management of online health enrollments more efficient.

  • Simplified process for identifying, adding, and confirming dependents added/updated during enrollment process.
  • Validations added to identify if a subscriber is currently enrolled in a PERS/Non-PERS health plan.
  • Ability to print a summary and/or confirmation of transactions processed.

Refer to the updated myCalPERS Health Enrollment (PDF, 2.22 MB) student guide for changes to the myCalPERS health enrollment process. Additionally, you may sign up for instructor-led or online classes via the Education tab in myCalPERS.

  • All Employers

For additional information regarding these enhancements, contact our Customer Contact Center at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).