Program Category Title New/Enhanced Functionality Impacted
CalPERS Retirement Enrollment

Election of CalPERS Coverage for CalSTRS Reportable Service

In accordance with G.C. 20309, the retirement enrollment screens have been enhanced to allow the election of CalPERS/CalSTRS service for participants who were employed by a school employer, community college, or Department of Education within 120 days of a new appointment - even if the participant has less than 5 years of service credit in my|CalPERS.

  • Schools
CalPERS Retirement Enrollment

Participant Detail Requirement for Retirement Enrollment Appointments

When a retirement enrollment is processed for a new participant the following are now required:

  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number – must be entered twice for verification
  • Physical and/or Mailing Address

Note: A notification screen may display which requires verification of the data entered. Please review your entry carefully to ensure the address and contact information is accurate before proceeding.

  • All CalPERS Employers

Financial Reporting & Billing

Improved Access to Monthly Billing Roster Report

The process for accessing the Monthly Employer Billing Roster in my|CalPERS has been improved for external users. To access the roster from the Receivable tab, users can now select the More Info link on the line of the desired receivable which navigates to the summary page where the roster can be downloaded.

  • Public Agencies


STRS Decline Health Continuation Indicator to Appointment

STRS employees enrolled in the CalPERS Health Program can elect not to continue health coverage when they retire.

When updating a permanent separation date on an appointment, school employers will see a new STRS Health Into Retirement subpanel with a checkbox STRS member wishes to decline continuation of CalPERS health coverage into retirement. If the STRS employee indicates that they do not want to continue health into retirement, the employer selects the checkbox and health coverage will not be continued into retirement.

Selecting the checkbox will also automatically apply new cancel coverage reason code with an effective date of the first of the second month following the last day of employment (permanent separation date minus one day). The STRS retirement date will be displayed in the Health Benefit Information panel on the Participant Summary page.

  • Schools

For additional information regarding these enhancements, contact our Customer Contact Center at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).