This committee reviews investment transactions, the investment performance of both internal and external managers, and establishes investment policy and strategy.

(Agenda items are provided in a PDF format, which require Adobe Reader 8 or higher to view.)

Meeting Agenda for May 13, 2019

View Open Session Meeting Transcript (PDF)

Open Session

9:00 a.m.
Or upon adjournment or Recess of the Board Closed Session – Whichever is later

  1. Item
    1. Call to Order and Roll Call (PDF)
    2. Approval of the May 13, 2019 Investment Committee Timed Agenda (PDF)
    3. Swearing-In Ceremony for New Board Members
    4. Election of the Chair
    5. Pledge of Allegiance
    6. Action Consent ItemBen Meng
      1. Approval of the April 15, 2019 Investment Committee Open Session Meeting Minutes (PDF)
    7. Information Agenda Item
      1. Review of CalPERS Private Equity Co-Investments Activities - Continued (PDF)Ben Meng and Sarah Corr
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
    8. Investment Education Workshop #1
      1. Board Education Workshop: Investment Risk and Return Basics (PDF)Ben Meng, Anne Simpson and Jeffrey V. Bailey, Chartered Financial Analysts Institute
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        2. Attachment 2 (PDF)
        3. Attachment 3 (PDF)
    9. Public Comment

Closed Session

Upon Adjournment or Recess of Open Session (Government Code sections 11126(a)(1), (c)(16) and (e))

  1. Item
    1. Call to Order and Roll Call
    2. Action Consent ItemBen Meng
      1. Approval of the April 15, 2019 Investment Committee Closed Session Meeting Minutes
    3. Information Agenda Items – External Manager and Investment Decision Updates
      1. Private EquitySarah Corr
      2. Real AssetsPaul Mouchakkaa
      3. Global EquityDan Bienvenue
      4. Global Fixed IncomeArnie Phillips
      5. OpportunisticKevin Winter
      6. Trust Level Portfolio ManagementEric Baggesen
      7. Sustainable InvestmentsBeth Richtman
    4. Information Agenda Item – Investment Strategy Session with the Board's Independent Consultants


  1. Items designated for Information are appropriate for Committee Action if the Committee wishes to take action. Any Agenda Item from a properly noticed Committee meeting, held immediately prior to this Board meeting, may be considered by the Board.
  2. The hour designated as the earliest starting time for this meeting is not intended to communicate the expected duration (or ending time) of the preceding meeting.
  3. Public comment may be taken on any agenda item. There is a three-minute limitation on each public comment, unless otherwise directed by the Presiding Officer. (Cal. Code Regs. tit. 2, § 552.1.)
  4. Board Members may attend meetings of committees of which they are not members and participate in the discussions during those meetings.


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