Ensures financial soundness through oversight of financial statements and reporting and all budget matters. Oversees the organization's Strategic and Business Plans.

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Meeting Agenda for October 20, 2015

View Open Session Meeting Transcript (PDF)

9:00 a.m - Open Session

Or Upon Adjournment or Recess of Pension and Health Benefits Committee, Whichever is Later

Open Session

  1. Agenda Items
    1. Call to Order and Roll Call (PDF)
    2. Executive Report (Oral Report)Cheryl Eason
    3. Consent Items
      Action Consent Items:Cheryl Eason
      1. Approval of the August 18, 2015, Finance & Administration Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)
    4. Consent Items
      Information Consent Items:Cheryl Eason
      1. 2015 Annual Calendar Review (PDF)
      2. 2016 Annual Calendar Review (PDF)
      3. Draft Agenda for the November 17, 2015, Finance & Administration Committee Meeting (PDF)
      4. Semi-Annual Accounts Receivable Analysis Report (PDF)
      5. Annual Contracting and Procurement Activity Report (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        2. Attachment 2 (PDF)
      6. Year-End Budget and Expenditure Report (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
      7. Annual Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Contract Participation Report (PDF)
      8. Quarterly Chief Information Officer IT Report (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
  2. Action Agenda Items
    1. Treasury ManagementCheryl Eason
      1. Treasury Management Reserve Policy (Second Reading) (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        2. Attachment 2 (PDF)
  3. Information Agenda Items
    1. Business Planning Doug Hoffner
      1. CalPERS 2014-2016 Business Plan - Year-End Report (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        2. Attachment 2 (PDF)
        3. Attachment 3 (PDF)
        4. Attachment 4 (PDF)
    2. Diversity Doug Hoffner
      1. Annual Diversity Report (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        2. Attachment 2 (PDF)
    3. Administrative
      1. Annual Customer Service Cost Effectiveness Measurement (CEM) Update (PDF) Donna Lum
        Cheryl Eason
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
      2. my|CalPERS Functional Optimization Update (PDF) Donna Lum
        Liana Bailey-Crimmins
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
    4. Risk Management
      1. Enterprise Risk Reports - Finance and Administration (PDF) Cheryl Eason
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        2. Attachment 2 (PDF)
        3. Attachment 3 (PDF)
        4. Attachment 4 (PDF)
    5. Asset Liability Management
      1. Multiple Asset Allocation Concept Update (PDF) Cheryl Eason
      2. Funding Risk Mitigation Policy (PDF) Cheryl Eason
        Ted Eliopoulous
        Alan Milligan
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
    6. Summary of Committee Decision Cheryl Eason
    1. Public Comment


  1. Items designated for Information are appropriate for Committee action if the Committee wishes to take action.
  2. The hour designated as the earliest starting time for this meeting is not intended to communicate the expected duration (or ending time) of the preceding meeting.
  3. Public comment may be taken on any Agenda item. There is a 3-minute limitation on each public comment, unless otherwise directed by the Committee Chair.
  4. Board members may attend meetings of committees of which they are not members and participate in the discussions during those meetings.


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