This committee is charged with reviewing the Board's internal governance procedures and recommending to the Board any changes or additions to existing policies.

(Agenda items are provided in a PDF format, which require Adobe Reader 8 or higher to view.)

Meeting Agenda for August 20, 2019

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Open Session

2:00 p.m.
Or upon adjournment of the Pension & Health Benefits Committee – Whichever is later

  1. Item
    1. Call to Order and Roll Call (PDF)
    2. Approval of the August 20, 2019 Board Governance Committee Timed Agenda (PDF)
    3. Executive Report (Oral Report)Matthew Jacobs
    4. Action Consent ItemsMatthew Jacobs
      1. Approval of the June 19, 2019 Board Governance Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF)
    5. Information Consent ItemsMatthew Jacobs
      1. Annual Calendar Review (PDF)
    6. Information Agenda ItemAnne Simpson and Cari Dominguez, NACD
      1. Overview of Board Self-Evaluation and Workstream Progress (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
    7. Action Agenda ItemsAnne Simpson and Cari Dominguez, NACD
      1. Recommendations of Workstream 1: Board Curriculum (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        • Enrich Onboarding Program for Board Members/Designees
        • Develop Education Modules by Committee, Partnering with Specific Organizations
      2. Recommendations of Workstream 2: Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        2. Attachment 2 (PDF)
        3. Attachment 3 (PDF)
        • Proposed Change to Rules and Guidelines for the Conduct of Meetings (Robert's Rules/Rosenberg's Rules)
        • Redraft Board Policies and Documents in Plain English
      3. Recommendations of Workstream 3: Meeting Materials (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        • Consolidate Two Strategy Offsites into One
        • Institute Annual Stakeholder Forum
        • Consolidate Schedule of Monthly Committee Meetings into Quarterly Meetings While Maintaining Current Schedule of Board Meetings
        • Establish Consistent Structure for Board Committees
      4. Recommendations of Workstream 4: Code of Conduct (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        • Develop and Adopt a Code of Conduct
      5. Recommendations of Workstream 5: Insight Tool (PDF)
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
        • Develop New Board Dashboard of Vital Signs
    8. Information Agenda Items
      1. Workstream Four: Code of Conduct – First Reading (PDF)Anne Simpson
        1. Attachment 1 (PDF)
      2. Summary of Committee Direction (Oral Report)Matthew Jacobs
      3. Public Comment


  1. Items designated for Information are appropriate for Committee Action if the Committee wishes to take action. Any Agenda Item from a properly noticed Committee meeting, held immediately prior to this Board meeting, may be considered by the Board.
  2. The hour designated as the earliest starting time for this meeting is not intended to communicate the expected duration (or ending time) of the preceding meeting.
  3. Public comment may be taken on any agenda item. There is a three-minute limitation on each public comment, unless otherwise directed by the Presiding Officer. (Cal. Code Regs. tit. 2, § 552.1.)
  4. Board Members may attend meetings of committees of which they are not members and participate in the discussions during those meetings.


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