This updated toolkit is a resource for employers to assist with promoting the upcoming Board Runoff Election. You will find visual elements coupled with text-based items within the kit.

For all updated toolkit contents, download the updated Board Election Employer Toolkit (ZIP, 10.7 MB). Included in the kit is an introduction and instructions on how it can be best utilized. The contents are contained in a ZIP file, which can be extracted using WinZip.

Toolkit Contents

Thank you for your willingness to help promote the CalPERS 2017 Member-at-Large Board Runoff Election. We are making a major push this year to increase voter turnout and we need your help. Turnout has been just 10 percent in recent elections, and members born in 1982 and later have less than a 2 percent voting rate. Our goal is to engage with our Millennial members and encourage them to vote.

Instructions for Use

The materials in this updated toolkit are designed to be turn-key. The graphics are locked; however, the sample emails are not, so you can edit to suit your needs. We do ask that you honor the dates we have assigned for use of the emails because they coincide with election milestones. Instead of sample social media posts, we have provided a link to our social media feed so you can share with your followers.

The theme — I voted. Did you? — is designed to be a conversation starter. The images and ideas depicted reflect research and our voting statistics show Baby Boomers and Generation Xers vote in much higher numbers than Millennials, and therefore, have the credibility of carrying the voting message, and are able to convey their values on voting to younger members. This finding is why we developed the Voting Mentor Program, which we hope you will implement. It is very simple, reinforces the other toolkit items, and uses the voters in your organization to carry the civic duty message to your non-voters.

If you have any questions or need assistance, we are available by phone at 916-795-0119 or by email.

The Board Runoff Election Posters (PDF, 10.03 MB) are the same ones created for the fall election, except the runoff has been highlighted and the dates changed. They represent the key themes of our efforts to target younger, Millennial voters, and the example their Baby Boomer and Generation X peers can have on their views and values on voting. The updated posters also reflect how quick and easy the new voting methods are to use. They can also be sized for use as ads in your employee newsletter.

These emails convey information and reminders for the CalPERS Board Runoff Election. You can use these emails as-is or modify for your own situation. The dates listed coincide with milestone events of the election.

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Please Participate in the CalPERS Board Runoff Election Voting Mentor Program

This simple program is in response to the most recent voting statistics from CalPERS Member-at-Large Elections, which show while Baby Boomers and Generation X members vote at about 15 percent, Millennials vote at less than 2 percent. Overall, recent Board Election voting has declined to approximately 10 percent of membership.

While we want to increase voting overall, we especially want to increase voting among Millennials.

The runoff election toolkit we developed for our member employers makes a special effort to encourage voting among this generation using a "lead-by-example approach" coming from mentors like you who espouse the virtues of voting as a civic duty.

Here's How You Can Help

Organizational Leadership

Please appoint, or ask your division or department chiefs to appoint team members who are evenly distributed throughout the organization to serve as Voting Mentors. These should be employees who regularly vote and will likely be Baby Boomers or Gen Xers. There is no training involved; only your support for them to conduct this task and their good judgement.

Voting Mentors

As a Voting Mentor, we ask that you talk with your Millennial colleagues about your experience as a regular voter and why you vote. This could be anything from a casual one-on-one chat to an agenda item on your division staff meeting. As a Voting Mentor, please remind your colleagues that:

  • The CalPERS Board makes important decisions that directly affect their benefits.
  • Voting is quick, easy, and convenient; they can now vote online, by phone, or by mail.
  • Encourage your colleagues to learn more about the candidates by reading their statements or watching their video statements posted on the CalPERS Board Elections page.

We ask that you refrain from:

  • Talking about specific candidates or make voting recommendations. If asked about specific candidates, please refer them to the Candidate Statement Booklet in the Ballot Packet that will be mailed to members' homes on November 10, or to the Board Elections page where the candidate statements can be found in both written and video format.
  • Encouraging colleagues to vote at work or use employer-owned computers, phones, or other electronic devices to vote.

Being a Voting Mentor doesn't involve a lot of steps or training. It is using good judgment and leading by example to foster an important civic duty.

Use these updated Banner Ads to help promote the election on your website. Each has a distinct message that can be used at a variety of times.

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