• An eligible active CalPERS member may be nominated if they are currently employed by a CalPERS-covered agency on the Notice of Election date, March 15, 2021.
  • An eligible retired CalPERS member may be nominated if their effective date of retirement from a CalPERS-covered agency is on or before the date on the Notice of Election, March 15, 2021, and they remain a resident of the State of California during their term of office.


Each potential candidate must submit an official Nomination Petition form. For nomination criteria, refer to the Notice of Election (PDF). Only a Nomination Petition supplied by CalPERS or a copy of that form will be acceptable.

All Nomination Petitions containing original or non-original signatures must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on May 13, 2021, at either the CalPERS Sacramento office, by mail, or by email. The nominee will be notified by the Board Election Coordinator whether the eligibility and nomination requirements are met.

Required Documents


Important information to help you with the election process.

  • Criteria for Ballot Designation (PDF)
    This document provides candidates the criteria for selecting a ballot designation at the time they accept the nomination as a candidate.
  • Candidate Statement (PDF)
    This document describes the criteria for formatting the 300-word candidate statement and the 300-word addendum to the candidate statement.
  • Campaign Guidelines (PDF)
    This document provides the guidelines that must be followed while running for a position on the CalPERS Board of Administration
  • Candidate Statement Online Tool
    This tool enables candidates to complete and submit their candidate statement online.
  • Political Reform Act — Important Notice (PDF)
    This document contains information about the disclosure forms that candidates are required to complete and file with the California Secretary of State's office.
  • 2021 Board Election Regulations (PDF)
    This document includes Title 2 California Code of Regulations, Sections 554 through 554.11, relating to the CalPERS Election process.
  • Board of Administration State of Governance Policy (PDF)
    To ensure the accountability and authority for governance and management of CalPERS is clearly stated, the Board sets forth governing principles to identify and distinguish between the roles of the Board, the Board President, the Board Vice President, Committees, Committee Chairs, Vice Chairs, and the Chief Executive Officer and staff.

CalPERS Board Election Office

Office Address:
Lincoln Plaza
400 Q Street, Room W2580
Sacramento, CA 95811

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 942702
Sacramento, CA 94229-2702

CalPERS Board Election Coordinator