Using Your Password

Your password is your personal, confidential "key" to accessing CalPERS information online. It’s not known to any CalPERS employee or business partner. Your password and your username are both SSL encrypted as they pass over the Internet. During the Online Access registration and log in processes, we request information about you so we can authenticate you as a customer or a qualified business partner, and to be sure that you are who you say you are. That way, only you can see your CalPERS information.

CalPERS employees will never ask for your current password in any form including over the telephone or via email.

Be sure to review our Privacy Policy and our Security Policy for more on what CalPERS does - and what you should do - to protect your personal information assets.

Using the Secure Log Out
It’s always best to log out when leaving our websites. We recommend that you never leave your computer unattended without first logging out, but as an extra security measure, if you are using one of our online services and no activity is detected for 15 minutes, you will automatically be logged out. If this happens, you may receive an error message. You will need to close all your browser windows, reopen, and navigate back to our website to continue.

CalPERS also recommends that you close your browser after you log out to clear your memory cache.

Dated: 03-26-2013