Registered CalPERS eBusiness Partners

To be a registered CalPERS eBusiness Partner, you must have registered for a solicitation. If you haven’t done so, please visit our Available Business Opportunities to see if there are any current solicitations you are interested in. Just follow the simple, three-step process to register.

Once you’re registered, as the solicitation process progresses, you will receive an eBusiness Alert notification in your email with links to the latest documents and information posted on our site. You can also use the links below to view or print those materials, or to update the information in your CalPERS eBusiness registration at any time.

Sign in to Your CalPERS eBusiness

As a registered CalPERS eBusiness Partner, you can view the most current online solicitation documents here.

Update Your CalPERS eBusiness Registration

You can update your eBusiness registration, unselect solicitations and still keep your registration active, change your email address or other subscription information, and more here.

Unsubscribe from CalPERS eBusiness

No longer want to be registered? Take care of that here.

Upcoming Business Opportunities

You can become a CalPERS Business Partner even if there are no current solicitations of interest to you. Learn about upcoming or future opportunities here.

Contact Us

Need assistance with your registration? Contact us online.

Dated: 01-04-2008