FAQs - Doing Business with CalPERS

Can I review solicitation proposals that CalPERS has received in the past and get copies of the proposals?

Yes, after the contract has been awarded you may review proposals or request a copy. To review proposals, please contact our Contract Administrator at (916) 795-3020 to schedule an appointment.

Copies may be obtained in two ways. You may request that a copy of a solicitation proposal be sent to you by contacting our Contracts Management staff. They will calculate the copy fee ($.10 per page) and provide you with the information necessary to submit a check for payment. After CalPERS receives your check, it takes approximately three weeks to provide copies. The copy will be sent by regular mail unless you provide CalPERS with your overnight mail service account number. You may also make copies if you provide your own copier and paper. You may be charged for anything CalPERS staff must provide, such as set up, space, etc.

I am an out-of-state firm. Do I have to comply with the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) participation requirements?

Out-of-state firms are not exempt from the contract participation goal requirements. Generally, to do business with CalPERS, bidders must meet the goal requirement of 3 percent DVBE participation. In certain instances CalPERS may waive this requirement. Please review each solicitation document for specific instructions.

How can I contact the Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SB/DVBE) Advocate?

You can contact our SB/DVBE Advocate, Lynette Hall, by mail, telephone, or email.

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Dated: 02-07-2013