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Press Releases
CalPERS On-Line Press Releases
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CalPERS Circular Letters
Stay informed of updates and changes to CalPERS policies and procedures.
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CalPERS Employer News
Read our quarterly newsletter for employers doing business with CalPERS. Employer News provides important information and a calendar of upcoming events.
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CalPERS Facts at a Glance
View our latest monthly compilation of statistics about CalPERS.
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CalPERS For the Record
Separate fact from fiction and read our responses on issues related to pensions, investments, accountability and ethics, and health care.
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CalPERS News
Read the latest news and announcements from CalPERS.
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CalPERS PERSpective
Read our member newsletter to stay up-to-date with retirement, health, and investment news. PERSpective is published each fall, winter, and spring.
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CalPERS News Feeds are a new way for us to distribute information as soon as it is updated on CalPERS On-Line. Using Really Simple Syndication (RSS), we can feed new articles or information to a group of subscribers automatically.

How do I subscribe to a feed?
In order to subscribe to a CalPERS News Feed, you will need a news reader. Use your favorite search engine to find a "news reader." Many are available for free, and some newer browsers have news readers built right in. These readers allow you to subscribe to news feeds and will check the news feeds for you automatically.

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