Disability & Industrial Disability Retirement

Disability or industrial disability retirement consists of a monthly retirement benefit paid to a member if they are unable to perform the usual duties of their current position due to an illness or injury that is expected to be permanent or of an undetermined duration and cannot perform the usual duties of the position for other California CalPERS employers (including State agencies, schools, and local public agencies).

There are two types of retirement offered:

  • Disability retirement - the cause of disability need not be related to employment
  • Industrial disability retirement - disability is due to a job-related injury or illness.

An application for disability or industrial disability can be submitted by either the member or the employer. Disability determinations are made after a complete review of the member's medical and employment information.

Benefits are determined by the member's employer (State, school, or local public agency); occupation (miscellaneous (general office and others), safety, industrial, or peace officer/firefighter); and the specific provisions in the contract between CalPERS and the employer.

You can find more detailed information on benefits in the Members or Employers area.

Dated: 04-05-2012