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(Dollars in Thousands)

Abel Noser Corporation17,229,314.00382.48
ABG Securities2,348,879.0042.82
ABM Amro Hoare Govett Asia Limited, Seoul871,236.0062.32
ABN Amro Asia, Limited33,871,814.0064.41
ABN Amro Bank N. V. Hong Kong16,346,800.0028.35
ABN Amro Bank N.V.1,807,929,520.001,770.74
ABN Amro Bank NV Hong Kong Branch29,471,500.0028.35
ABN Amro Equities Australia, Limited812,274.0023.77
ABN Amro Securities (USA), Incorporated5,968,571.0016.96
Access Securities Incorporated1,964,100.0049.70
ADP Clearing & Outsourcing Services, Inc.7,221,492.1328.15
Agora Corde Titul E Val Mob5,012,207.00123.89
Baird, Robert W., & Company, Incorporated1,413,080.0058.52
Banc/America Securities LLC Montgomey Div1,293,219,820.03851.80
Banco Espirito Santo De Investiment4,220,454.0020.27
Banco Santander Brasil S/A22,245,815.0046.34
Banco Santander Central Hispano51,802,750.0055.75
Banco Santander Mexicano, S.A.6,619,700.0037.33
Banco Warburg Dillon Read S.A.2,339,759.0043.33
Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG1,669,761.0050.57
Barnard Jacobs Mellett and Company (PTY)1,985,833.0037.44
Batlivala & Karani Securities India Pvt., Limited179,296.0021.64
Bear Stearns & Company, Incorporated1,292,125,920.00839.35
Bear Stearns Asia, Limited.20,587,600.0023.22
Bear Stearns International Trading2,988,208.0099.31
Entries 1 - 25 of 256