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    Agenda Item 7b - Attachment 2

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 32,939 bytes, Date: 6/06/2014)

    CalPERS objectives for investing in emerging manager programs is to generate appropriate risk adjusted investment returns by identifying early state funds with strong potential for success; accessing investment ...

    item11 attachment 5

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 40,757 bytes, Date: 12/11/2013)

    Attachment 5, Page 8 of 16 Wyden has sought to have the plan considered by the House-Senate budget conference committee that was formed as part of the agreement to end the partial government shutdown in October, The ...

    Employer News Fall 2013

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 25,664 bytes, Date: 10/11/2013)

    CalPERS Members: Early Career Basics December 17, 2013 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. These Guides include links to forms and additional information, and because they're published online, we can quickly make updates so that ...

    item10 attachment 5

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 50,671 bytes, Date: 2/12/2014)

    item10 attachment 5. penalties. Annual contribution limits are also the same as a Roth IRA, currently $5,500. Participants may switch their accounts over to a Roth IRA at any time, and they will be required to do so ...

    Emerging Manager Five-Year Plan: Pathway to the Future

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 49,901 bytes, Date: 2/19/2014)

    For purposes of these programs, emerging managers are generally defined as newly formed or relatively small firms. As such, our objective for investing in emerging manager programs is to generate appropriate risk ...

    City of Vernon

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 117,559 bytes, Date: 12/24/2013)

    The City submitted membership forms to retroactively enroll three sampled individuals into CalPERS membership. Notwithstanding this representation, OAS located correspondence from this individual to the City as early as ...

    Report of the CalPERS Special Review

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 146,374 bytes, Date: 5/27/2014)

    Buenrostro also signed two other forms tendered to Apollo for a fund that was apparently never offered to CalPERS. Based on our work and the available record, it does not appear that Buenrostro ever consulted with the ...

    Senate Bill 277

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 20,167 bytes, Date: 8/13/2013)

    Through third-party administrators, this bill will impose implementation costs for the following activities: ? General implementation of the plan termination, including participant data analysis, establishing rollover ...

    2003 Operations Summary

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 87,271 bytes, Date: 8/23/2011)

    The bill resolves concerns over the Legislative Update 47 effect of proposed rules on minimum distributions from defned beneft plans that would have had an adverse impact on many State and local government laws, ...

    2007 Operations Summary

    (File Type: PDF, File Size: 105,846 bytes, Date: 8/23/2011)

    In early 2007, the Applied Research Center of California State University, Sacramento, released the first-ever study quantifying the impact of the benefits paid to retirees during 2006. A substantial part of that impact ...

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